Nicole Vienneau
Brain Health, INCCP Cohort 21, INCCP Cohort 25
Social Media Coordinator

As a Critical Care RN for over 20 years, I watched a broken healthcare system try, but fail my patients.  I realized we had stopped taking the time to listen to our patient’s unique story and because of the rush we missed out on details that could help them!

I knew I had to do my part to fix the system and help people feel healthy and whole, so I created Blue Monarch Health, PLLC.

It is my passion to partner with you as a Nurse Coach. Creating a no-judgment environment is essential to helping you find health and wholeness and the Nurse Coach model ensures I do this. Couple acceptance with the art and science of medicine, and our partnership reignites your strengths and wisdom, and a deep understanding of what brings you good health. Through self-exploration and use of complementary and alternative healing modalities like food, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, exercise, music, aromatherapy, and humor you will establish the skills and confidence to thrive in your healthy life.

I am honored to actively support my Nurse Coach Community as the International Nurse Coach Association’s Social Media Contractor and faculty.