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Functional Medicine for Nurses - A Root Cause Approach to Health & Healing 2022

This is a comprehensive introductory continuing education course for all registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse coaches interested in integrating functional medicine into their practice.

Explore the core fundamentals of functional medicine and learn practical applications that can be done at the RN licensure level and above. Nurses will have a robust understanding of functional approaches within their scope of practice.

Implementing these practices can have a life altering, and potentially life saving, impact for  patients and clients.



Program Overview

This course is unique in that it gives an overview into functional medicine that is comprehensive enough to fully incorporate interventions into current practice without the time commitment and cost of a two or more year program.

Additionally, other programs offer their courses to health coaches, dieticians, chiropractors, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, etc.  This course has customized content for the nursing professional in particular.

It also pairs well with nurse coaching modalities, and many functional medicine practitioners have very successful practices incorporating fundamental functional medicine practices with their coaching skills.

Graduates of this course will have a broad understanding of available functional medicine practices and be equipped with practical knowledge and interventions to incorporate these into their current practice.

They will also gain an understanding of their own scope of practice and potential future in functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based, emerging field of study for all healthcare providers, including nurses. It is a science-based, personalized upstream approach that treats the whole person, not just the disease, and looks at all the variables affecting health (e.g., genetics, environmental exposures, lifestyle patterns) to promote optimal wellness.


12 Weeks

62 Contact Hours*

100% online

We will compare the current allopathic healthcare model with the healing power of functional medicine.  We will then review the practice of functional medicine, the background of functional medicine, and fundamental concepts that apply to every patient.

We will explore the RN and APN roles and scope of practice through the functional medicine lens.  Students will learn how to intake and evaluate a new patient or client, and we will review various forms and screening tools used in functional medicine.  We will discuss mapping their health history, and review a case study from a functional medicine perspective.

We will explore biochemistry from a functional medicine perspective including discussing health on a cellular level, apply this knowledge to common labs used in functional medicine evaluations, and how to obtain these labs depending on scope of practice.  We will compare and contrast the normal reference range versus the optimal reference ranges, and their ability to reveal powerful insights into the root cause of a patient’s symptoms.  We will review a case study from a functional medicine perspective.

We will thoroughly explore stress and sleep, the impact they have on our health, nursing interventions for restoring balance, and testing opportunities for evaluating the HPATG axis.  We will review a case study from the functional medicine perspective.

We will explore the gastrointestinal tract from a functional medicine perspective, discuss nutrient deficiencies and methods for balancing nutrition.  We will discuss supplements, their role in functional medicine, and some commonly recommended supplements.  We will review a case study from a functional medicine perspective.

We will thoroughly explore common digestive disorders and the functional medicine approach to testing and treatment, and then review two case studies from a functional medicine perspective.

We will review food reactions, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, skin disorders, and the functional medicine approach to treatment.  We will evaluate therapeutic diets that are commonly used in functional medicine practice.  We will review two case studies from a functional medicine perspective.

We will identify toxins, their impact on health, testing considerations, and interventions from a functional medicine perspective.  We will review the various means the human body has for detoxification, and identify opportunities for intervention.  We will review a case study from a functional medicine perspective.

We will review thyroid and sex hormone function and balance, compare testing options, and functional medicine interventions for restoring balance.  We will review two case studies from a functional medicine perspective.

We will explore human metabolism from the cellular level to the level of the individual, define insulin resistance, and identify functional medicine interventions proven to reverse insulin resistance.  We will explore functional medicine considerations for weight loss.  We will then define inflammation and its role in cardiovascular health.  We will review three case studies from a functional medicine perspective.

We will review common mental health and neurocognitive conditions identify the functional medicine approach of root cause analysis and treatment.  We will explore Organic Acids testing (OATs), and its applications in functional medicine practice, and review two case studies from a functional medicine perspective.

We will review three case studies that promote a more complex scenario of applying functional medicine practices, and discuss prioritizing interventions using these case studies.  We will discuss various functional medicine roles a nurse can play in current and future healthcare systems, methods to incorporate nurse coaching skills into a functional medicine model of nursing care, and opportunities for future development of functional medicine practice including additional learning resources and opportunities for certification.

Course Faculty


Brigitte Sager

Specialty Program Faculty
I am an experienced, board certified nurse practitioner and also hold a board certification as a menopause practitioner and nurse coaching. I have been focused on improving the healthcare of my community since 2005. I have over eight years of hospital experience helping to put a band aid on our healthcare crisis. As a primary care provider of almost four years, I have worked with my patients to improve their health outcomes, but have come to learn that change is hard even in the face of real dire risk to health and happiness. I have also found that current mainstream treatments are not the answer, in most cases. My patients using prescription drugs have continued to suffer and have developed new adverse health concerns from the drug side effects. This reality motivated me to seek new solutions, which I have found in functional medicine and nurse coaching. I currently combine my training in functional medicine with my nurse coaching skills to help clients make real, positive changes towards a happier and healthier life.

Unique Aspects of this Course

  • This course is the only course that teaches functional medicine exclusively for registered nurses and advanced practice nurses.
  • This course is comprehensive enough for graduates to incorporate intervention into current practice, without the time commitment and cost of a 2+ year program.
  • This course uniquely complements nurse coaching modalities; knowledge gained and interventions learned will expand your nursing and nurse coaching skillset.
  • This course will include case studies to exemplify real-life scenarios where functional medicine assessment tools and clinical interventions impacted patient outcomes.
  • This course is lead by an experienced functional medicine nurse practitioner who actually uses what she is teaching in her own practice.

Functional Medicine for Nurses

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