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Lisa Landis

Aromatherapy in Holistic Nursing

Aromatherapy! We have all heard of this. Some may even use it from time to time, but let’s take a brief look into the history of this practice and how nurses can and

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hypnosis in nursing
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy

Hypnosis in Nursing

The realm of nursing is ever-evolving, continually embracing novel approaches to move toward patient-centered care. One such innovative strategy is hypnosis, an often-underestimated tool with potential applications across all nursing specialties. Hypnosis in

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showing up

Showing Up

“No one heals himself by wounding another.” -St. Ambrose I was participating in a healing circle training recently and during one of the sessions we

(post) Let Go, Nurse Coach

Let Go, Nurse Coach

Let Go, Nurse Coach, it’s always easier said than done, and yet, as I have learned through my 10 years as a board-certified Integrative Nurse