The Business of Nurse Coaching

Online Business Course, Exclusively for Nurses

business of nurse coaching

Learn how to Start a Nurse Coaching Business the right way!

The Business of Nurse Coaching course is comprised of two parts:

  • Part 1: Getting Started, Set-up and Launch (16 weeks)
  • Part 2: Marketing, Expansion and Growth (12 weeks)

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Nurse Coaching Business Program Overview

Part 1 of The Business of Nurse Coaching is designed to help Nurse Coaches in Planning, Creating, and Launching a coaching practice.

We will show you exactly how to set up the business practice, package, position and price your unique service. Create your nurse coach business plan and have the framework to set up the business model and price accordingly.

Part 2 of The Business of Nurse Coaching provides the nurse with step-by-step guides for Marketing, Expansion and Growth of this practice.

The marketing component of the course will provide you with the strategies to bring in non-stop clients.  Marketing starts on day 1 and must be built into the business model to be successful.

Whether you have your nurse coaching certification or are in the process of obtaining it, follow our proven methodology to set up your nurse coach business the right way the first time. 

Learn more about what a typical Nurse Coach Salary looks like in various nurse health coach jobs.

Learn how to become a nurse coach in our nurse coach certification programs.


The Business of Nurse Coaching Part 1: Planning, Set-up & Launch

Get your business started the right way the first time.
  • Plan: identify the problem your audience wants solved and develop a business plan.
  • Set up: step-by-step guide on the right legal structure for your business & how to register it.
  • Launch: with what your audience wants with packaging, positioning and pricing
  • 25 Contact Hours toward license renewal*

Get clarity on your nurse coaching business idea and go from no idea or possibility overload to a clear picture of what business you’re starting or re-starting.

Determine the audience that wants to hear about your expertise.
Research your competition and make your nurse coaching services standout above the rest.
Establish a legal entity created for your business. Determine the right business type for you and develop your 90 day business plan and budget.
Develop unique solutions through a simplified approach to packaging. Make your offerings and upsells.
Happy pricing Realistic pricing Lifetime value Self Development
Vision, Mission and Values. Voice, Mood, Ambiance Branding Vision/Leadership

Integrative Nurse Coach Academy is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation..

Approved to award 25 contact hours

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 17700 for 25 contact hours.

The Business of Nurse Coaching Part 2: Marketing, Expansion & Growth

Your business is set up, now lets fill your appointment calendar
  • Market: how to find the problem your audience wants solved
  • Expand: your business and your coaching offerings based on what you learn from your audience
  • Grow: your social media presence and daily website traffic
  • 17.5 Contact Hours toward license renewal**
Explore the 7 types of marketing, the hierarchy of marketing, and networking.
Lead Magnets, Email Campaigns, Welcome Sequence, Sales Sequence Website and Landing Pages, TYP (Video / CTA), Discovery Calls and Proposals.
A Content Factory Repurposing Outsourcing Growth / Continued Learning
Leverage Social Media Campaigns to engage existing clients and attract new
Your 90 day plan, Your Marketing Budget, Persistence and consistency and internal resistance
Intro to SEO (keywords, search engines, metadata), Foundational Plumbing (GA, Facebook pixel, Google), Google Tag Manager (Advanced)

Integrative Nurse Coach Academy is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Approved to award 17.5 contact hours

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 17700 for 17.5 contact hours.

Course Creator & Faculty

Catie Harris Business

Catie Harris


The Business of Nurse Coaching Course Creator and Lead Faculty

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse is the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered thousands of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. She strives to undo the perception that nursing care is limited to the hospital setting. Through her intensive mentorship program, Catie shows nurses how their nursing knowledge can transcend the hospital system into a profitable business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course does not have additional expenses, however starting up your business will.

You will need to anticipate seeking legal counsel, filing business licenses and fees, setting up credit card and banking systems, signing up for software to collect client information, payment processors and a budget for marketing services.

There will be three live zoom meetings in this program. One at the beginning, one at week 4 and one at the end.

Although they are not compulsory, they will serve as a good opportunity to meet with your teacher, connect with others on the program, ask questions, clarify the program content and requirements, and share your insights and experiences with the other nurses.

No, this course contain proprietary materials and may not be shared with others.

No previous experience or knowledge of business is necessary. Participants are encouraged to take part with a “beginners” mind. Be kind to yourself.

Remember, having the skills does not make you a good business owner. Business is a skill set that must also be learned. The first year is about learning, the second year is about scaling and the third year is about building out your big vision of what you want and how far to scale.

This program is an online program consisting of 8 modules over 16 weeks.

Participants are invited to take part in the online zoom meetings during the program. There are 4 Zoom meetings in Part 1 and 3 Zoom meetings in Part 2.

The lecture component of the module will last for about 1 hour and can be done at a time that suits you.

You will need to spend a minimum of 60 minutes per day working on your business. You will also need to set aside time to participate in the weekly discussions and share a personal reflection. There will be a short quiz at the end of each week based on the learnings from the presentation.

There are additional resources available if you wish to take a deeper dive into what is covered each week. 


Experiment! The only way to launch a successful business is through the experience of talking to people, listening to their complaints and coming up with a solution that they are willing to pay for.

Watch the online presentation.

Participate in the discussion group by sharing your own reflections and insights and commenting on at least two other’s reflections.

Maintain a journal to record your thoughts and ideas.

Complete the weekly quiz

This program is geared toward starting a nurse coaching business, however, nurses from any area, background, or role who wishes to learn how to start a business may enroll.

By signing up to the program you are making a personal commitment to a creating a successful business.

You will need to agree to confidentiality and to keep all that is shared by participants within the group.

You will also need a computer and reliable access to the internet.

Also, you will need a quiet space where you will not be interrupted while going through the course materials. A big part of your business is having space to think.

Action drives out thought, so having space to think before, during and after the lectures will be essential.

If you are a coach who wants to launch a business with your expertise then this program is for you. The program will help you isolate your business moxie so that you can distinguish your practice from others and attract the right kinds of clients to you.

It’s not enough to have the skill set to coach, in order to create a business from your skill set, you need to know how to run the business. This includes market research, setting up the business, getting the right elements in place, pricing to position yourself and more.

This program is offered as an educational experience for business start ups. This program will not teach you how to get rich quick or build and manage wealth.

Starting a business is an investment in yourself.

Your first year in business is about learning to be comfortable in this space and to set up the foundational systems you need to grow.

The business course will teach you how to package and market your services in various channels, including social media.

Learn more about how to get high equity nurse coaching clients.

Absolutely! The Business of Nurse Coaching course is entirely about setting up your business to work independently.

Learn more about where a nurse health coach can work. (Hint: anywhere!)

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Sign up for both parts at the same time to save $1,100!

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