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Embark on an exciting journey to reconnect with the vision of caring & healing that originally inspired you to become a nurse

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Become an Integrative Nurse Coach (INC)

Our Integrative Nurse Coach Programs are exclusively offered by the Faculty of the International Nurse Coach Association. Developed by visionary nurse leaders, our unique programs incorporate evidence-based coaching methodologies and tools that can be used by nurses in all clinical settings. Our programs have been created specifically for nurses, based on a whole person model of care that addresses the biological, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, and environmental aspects of care. The Integrative Nurse Coach process weaves the art and science of nurse coaching with the theory and practice of integrative nursing. Our programs include experiential learning and practices for enhancing health and well-being through behavioral change in both the nurse and the client/patient.
Our programs offer you the opportunity to:

  • Reignite your spirit and reconnect with your meaning and purpose in becoming a nurse.
  • Discover a fulfilling new direction in nursing.
  • Develop skills in the art and science of healthy behavior change.
  • Incorporate Self-Development (self-reflection, self-assessment, self-evaluation, self-care) practices and skills into your work.
  • Become a leader in a healthcare model that has wellness and health promotion as its goal.
  • Explore and expand opportunities as an Integrative Nurse Coach in collaborative or independent practice.

Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Programs are designed to meet the needs of nurses across the country and internationally. We are dedicated to reaching nurses in all clinical areas who want to step into this exciting and growing field of healthcare.

12 Reasons to become an Integrative Nurse Coach

As a participant in our programs you will: 12

  1. Develop coaching skills for health and wellness.
  2. Deepen awareness practices and understanding of the imagery process.
  3. Expand nutritional and environmental skills and tools.
  4. Learn three core foundational components: Theory of Integral Nursing (TIN), Vulnerability Model (VM), and Integrative Functional Health Model (IFHM).
  5. Explore an integral and integrative perspective of care that connects with renewed meaning and purpose in your nursing practice.
  6. Use the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment™(IHWA).
  7. Incorporate the Integrative Nurse Coach 5-Step Process.
  8. Practice integrative wellness and self-care for personal benefit to deepen and strengthen your work with others.
  9. Design personalized wellness plans that address the whole person and include the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and environmental dimensions of the individual.
  10. Guide patients and clients to clarify and establish their health and wellness goals.
  11. Identify patient and client behaviors that block readiness for change.
  12. Develop creative new ways to practice nursing in all healthcare settings.


Integrative Nurse Coach
Certificate Programs


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