Cpt Codes

Nurse Coaching CPT Codes

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy (INCA) is excited and proud to announce the American Medical Association’s (AMA) approval of a modification to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) Codes or CPT codes for Health and Well-being Coaching to now include Board Certified Nurse Coaches (NC-BC®).

Karen Avino, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, SGAHN, the Executive Director of Education at the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy, along with the American Holistic Nurses Association and the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Center, spearheaded the initiative to gain approval for Nurse Coaches to use the Category III CPT® codes, which will allow for tracking of patient outcomes and other research projects.

“Nurses are leading the way in lifestyle health and wellbeing coaching due to our extensive nursing education, training, and healthcare experience that we bring to the nurse-patient relationship. The core of nursing practice is health promotion, and we can lead healthcare transformation to move from a disease and symptom management focus to a wellness and holistic approach to care. Nursing has its own practice, and it is time for each nurse to reenergize their practice with new communication techniques and coaching skills to create behavior change, engagement, and responsibility for self-care in patients. This will make a difference in the chronic disease epidemic and the suffering experienced on a local to global scale”

Reimbursement by insurance companies of Category III CPT® codes is optional. The objective in using Category III codes is to evaluate the effectiveness of Nurse Coaching to ultimately support Category I CPT® code approval for use in billing for services in the near future.

The Category III CPT® codes for Health and Well-Being Coaching will be posted to the AMA CPT® website by January 1, 2022, with an effective implementation date of July 1, 2022. More details on the billing process will be developed and announced.

If you are in a position that works with specific patient populations and have ideas and support for research projects, contact Karen Avino to discuss. contact@inursecoach.com

Health and Well-Being Coaching Codes

  • 0591T Health and Well-Being Coaching face-to-face; individual, initial assessment
  • 0592T individual, follow-up session, at least 30 minutes
  • 0593T group (two or more individuals), at least 30 minutes

Holistic Nursing

As the most trusted profession for the past consecutive 19 years, nurses who practice with a holistic approach create a healing environment for new insights and opportunities for change and growth to occur. The use of reflective nursing interventions guides patients in finding internal strength, motivation, and confidence to improve their health & wellbeing.

About the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy

INCA is the leading Nurse Coach training organization, furthering healthcare transformation by working with health systems to facilitate the integration of holistic and nurse coach practice though consultation, program delivery and train-the-trainer programs to organizations.

INCA’s Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program (INCCP)  is the premier professional nurse coach training program that works to advance opportunities for nurses in Nurse Coaching, health & wellbeing promotion, lifestyle health change and holistic interventions.

INCA founders, Barbara Dossey and Susan Luck, legends in Holistic Nursing, pioneered the INCCP curriculum, wrote the textbook on Nurse Coaching, and lead the development of Nurse Coach competencies and scope of practice. INCA continues to lead and further the Nurse Coach profession with Executive Director of Education, Karen Avino, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC- BC, SGAHN and Executive Director of Business Operations, Ronald D. Kanka, BS.

Visit inursecoach.com to see course offerings and ask to speak to a senior faculty member about Nurse Coaching.