Karen Avino

Accredited Provider Unit, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Karen Avino


Karen Avino is the Executive Director of Education and the Accredited Provider Unit Program Director for the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy and the International Nurse Coach Association providing online and onsite continuing education programs for nurses. As a consultant, Karen helps healthcare organizations create optimal healing environments and integrate holistic nursing into practice. She taught Holistic Nursing and Integrative Health for 20 years in online and on campus classes at the University of Delaware. She received the Faculty Senate Excellence in Academic Advising and Mentoring Award and the Delaware Excellence in Nursing Practice Award as Nurse Educator.

Karen has over 40 years of experience in Maternal-Child Health, Administration, Community Health, Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coach practice. She is board certified as both an Advanced Holistic Nurse and a Health & Wellness Nurse Coach. Karen is a Reiki Master, Stress Management Instructor, HeartMath, and Clinical Meditation and Imagery Practitioner.

Karen served as a Director-At-Large board member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and a founding leader of the Delaware Chapter (DEAHNA). She is an author and editor of Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (2016, 2021) and Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing (2014). She is a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Scholarship and Holistic Nursing Practice journals and is an international and national speaker on holistic and integrative topics.