Nurse Coaching Jobs

Nurse Coach Jobs

One of the most frequently asked questions to our admissions team is:

Are companies hiring Nurse Coaches?

The answer is a resounding yes.  And, we get it—navigating the employment landscape in nursing and nurse coaching can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve curated a dynamic job feed featuring nurse coaching opportunities from leading job boards. 

Ready to be part of something bigger? To bring traditional nursing into alignment with holistic well-being? To not just treat patients, but transform their entire healthcare experience? Scroll down and dive into a world of opportunities that await you.

Tip: Before you go job hunting, check out our Nurse Coach Salary article to get an idea of your earning potential in this transformative field. And don’t forget, many nurse coaches opt to open their own private practices!

Companies hiring nurse coaches

This job board is provided for informational purposes only and listings are not endorsed or sponsored by INCA.  All questions should be directed to the companies.  

To see career opportunities at the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy, visit our Careers page.

Nurse Coach Jobs

Ready to Lead the Charge in Integrative Healthcare?

The healthcare landscape is evolving, and nurse coaches are at the forefront of this transformation. But maybe you’re wondering how to get started; how to acquire the skills and certifications that set you apart. That’s where INCA comes in.

Don’t just find a job—create a legacy.

With our accredited programs, we don’t just educate nurses, we create healers, leaders, and advocates for a healthier world.

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program has been at the forefront of nurse coaching for over a decade, and our expert-led specialty programs in integrative and holistic nursing topics offer a deeper dive into subject areas you would like to refine.

Not sure where to begin?

Make an appointment with our esteemed Admissions team!

Each of our Admissions Specialists is a Board Certified Nurse Coach and INCA graduate, so they’ve been in your shoes before! They are happy to answer your questions and share any wisdom they’ve learned on their nurse coaching journey.