“I truly believe this program to be an asset to any nurse who desires to be a part of an integral way of honoring people’s ability to be empowered and embrace their wellness.”

Graduates of the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program share how this program has transformed their nursing practice and changed their lives.

“This experience allowed me to trust my inner strengths and learn skills that have created a shift in my practice. I have been motivated to continue working on my own self-care goals, as well as assisting others to reach theirs. It is empowering to know that we, as nurses, can mark a new path for ourselves and for others. Barbara and Susan have been extremely generous with their time and knowledge, demonstrating a true commitment to the foundations of this program.”

Ann Cooley Carlson RN BSN; Integrative Nurse Coach
Boston MA; Adolescent, Young Adult Medicine

“I truly want to thank each of you for the wonderful program that you have developed. I am so excited to continue on my journey of being on the cutting edge of healthcare. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a sound and well-designed Integrative Nurse Coach program. I have had the good fortune and blessing of establishing a very successful wellness center within a hospital, serving the hospital staff and community, some 32 years ago. At that time the words wellness, holistic and integrative were not always understood. So now, as I move into another phase in my life, I am so happy to approach it with this coaching model.”

Helen Owens, OSF, DMin, MSN, RN, INC
Our Lady of Lourdes Health System
Vice President, Mission Services
Founder, Lourdes Wellness Center


“This experience strengthened me as a nurse and as a person. I have never been to any educational course that focused any time on self care. This opportunity to take time to think about what it means to care for myself in order to care for others was powerful. To experience the power of the instructors and the voices of the wise colleagues attending the course will remain with me for the rest of my nursing career.”

Jane Maffie-Lee MSN, FNP-BC
Ambulatory Practice of the Future

“Working in a new patient-centered medical home in Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, our primary care team typically seeks out new and innovative thoughts, ideas and practices. Looking to expand the nurses role we wanted to explore new options. The INCCP certainly fit the bill! The material taught is easily understood and transfers not only to my profession in direct patient care, but to my personal life as well.”

Mary Ann Marshall BSN, RN
Ambulatory Practice of the Future
MGH, Boston, MA

“A new wonderful movement in nursing to help empower people in their health and wellness!  Thank-you all for a great experience!”

Marilee Tolen RN, HN-BC, HTCP/I, INC
Founder, ReNew Be You

“The INC Program helped me realize my potential and gave me the tools to go into the world with courage and help make a difference in people’s lives and healthcare at-large.”

Mohinder Sethi RN,DHMS, INC


“This program pulled together all the integrative therapies that I have been practicing over the past 35 years, into a unique coaching framework to market and provide to clients.”

Karen Avino, EdD, RN, AHN-BC
Integrative Nurse Coach

“INCCP was an extraordinary experience facilitated by extraordinary people: Barbara Dossey, Larry Dossey, and Susan Luck provide an enriching and life-changing program with passion, wisdom, humor, and love. The nurses in the program arrived from near and far, from every background and ability, with a wide variety of visions and goals. We became a family of support for each other.”

Maria C. (Mary) Mazzer, RN, HNB-BC
“Enrollment into the Integrative Nurse Coach program has been one of the best nursing career enhancement paths I’ve ever taken… I truly believe this program to be an asset to any nurse who desires to be a part of an integral way of honoring people’s ability to be empowered and embrace their wellness.”

Lu Ann Wahl, RN, HN-BC

Emergency Psych Stabilization/Private Practice INC with Healing Touch