Reflections And Insights From Our Graduates

Lisa Tateosian

Lisa T

Nurse Coaching has shifted me personally as well as professionally. In all conversations, I feel I listen better, with intention, and ask powerful questions eliciting a deeper response. Confidence is what first comes to mind. Confidence that I have the tools to help people,

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Ethel Patino

Ethel P

Taking the Integrative Nurse Coaching™ certification course has opened my eyes and heart to a new paradigm in nursing and health care. I am excited to continue and grow the skills and knowledge that I have learned and practiced. It has not only changed

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Cindy Ready

Cindy R

It has inspired me to think deep and provided so many tools to help others achieve their goals. Oh goodness, I feel like it sparked a fire in me to continue guiding others to believe in themselves and their abilities. It’s helped me learn

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Jenna Yenidounia

Jenna Y

I feel that my teachings from holistic approach allowed me to approach patients in a different way that wasn’t even spoken about in nursing school. INCA has taught me over the past 6 months the benefits of combining the two areas together and taught

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Diana S

I’m grateful for the coaching experience and for the amazing community I’m now a part of. I’m planning on starting my own practice where I can practice more presence, mindfulness and active listening. As I’m walking through my own health crisis, I’ve learned first

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darlene b

Darlene B

I plan to take this journey with PURPOSE, INTENTION and FEARLESSNESS.  Those are my three words for 2021, pushing through doubts, fear and procrastination.  These three words will help me navigate to the place(s) meant specifically for me. Nurse Coaching will impact my career

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