Integrative Nurse Coaches in ACTION!

THE podcast where Nurses, healthcare professionals and consumers come to hear from inspirational Nurse leaders in health and wellness coaching.

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We cover the latest innovations, ideas, and breakthroughs from Nurses who are shifting the paradigm of disease care to HEALTH care, through the art and science of Nurse Coaching.

integrative Nurse Coaches in Action

podcast host

Nicole Vienneau

After two decades as an Intensive Care Nurse caring for the sickest of patients, Nicole left the one-size fits all healthcare industry, and created Blue Monarch Health, where she is; Active Aging Specialist, Health Protection Expert and Head Motivator! Instead of waiting for you to get sick, she meets you where you live and work, to turn your overwhelm and guilt into courage and victory. She magically does this by hearing your unique needs and then teaches you to be the authority of your health and vitality through actionable wellness plans you can really do in life.

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