Nicole Vienneau

Lecture Faculty, Podcast Host

Nicole Vienneau


I’m a recovering burned out Nurse.  I’ve been practicing, learning about, and teaching wellbeing modalities for the past 10 years.  Without them, I’m lost, stressed, I have a who-gives-a-crap attitude and zero boundaries, aaaand I’m always looking for a new job.
I can tell you from experience that holistic stuff works, when you put it into ACTION!!  I’ve now found peace in my work and my life, I’ve shifted from a crappy attitude to gratitude and have established boundaries that make me feel joyful, confident and at ease.

I began this journey to healing from burnout with the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy, and I’m thrilled you’ve found us.  We have such a passion for Integrative Nurse Coaching™, that we created this amazingly inspiring podcast, so you can hear, feel and absorb the amazing Community we have at the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy.
I’m so glad you are here…

Nicole Vienneau, MSN, RN, NC-BC

Nicole Vienneau achieved a Master’s in Nursing Science from the University of Arizona, a board certification in Integrative Nurse Coaching™ from the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation and is Lecture Faculty with the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy. She’s Founder of Blue Monarch Health, PLLC where she’s a Menopause Fitness Specialist, Functional Aging Specialist, yoga teacher, and group fitness instructor and a retired Reebok-sponsored Fitness Athlete, supporting mid-life women through the stages of menopause and aging with coaching and holistic modalities.

When she’s not coaching mid-life women or hosting the Integrative Nurse Coaches in ACTION! Podcast, you’ll find her connecting with Nurse Coaches at Nurse Coach Connection, or mid life women at Mid-Life Women, volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association, lounging in the sun with her cat babies, or on a hike with her awesome husband.

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