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Integrative Nurse Coach Academy | International Nurse Coach Association

The Nurse Coach Leaders

At the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy, we educate & elevate nurses to be leaders in the nurse health coaching movement.  

Our global community consists of thousands of nurses who are bringing coaching skills and competencies into all areas of healthcare.

Nurse Coach

Our Courses & Programs

Our online programs are for all registered nurses and are led by industry leading experts who are dedicated to your professional success and personal transformation.

The #1 Nurse Coach Training Program for over a decade.

Becoming a nurse coach will transform your career and personal life. Schedule free call with an admissions counselor or click below to learn more.
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What is a nurse health coach? What does a nurse coach do?

Ask us anything. Our dedicated admissions team of board certified nurse coach alumni are here to help.

Our Blog

Nurse Coaching & Holistic Nursing News

Stay current with all the exciting news, research, and happenings in the field of Integrative and Holistic Nurse Coaching.
Heartmath: A Powerful System Nurse Coaches Should Know About

Have you ever heard the expression…. “Listen with your heart”? Read the full post -->

Nurses Coaching Nurses

Over the past couple of years, there has been a major exodus of nurses all over the world during the pandemic, but that’s not the only reason nurses are leaving.… Read the full post -->

Thank You, Nurse Coach!

For many years as an ICU Nurse, I had a side gig (and still do) as a group fitness instructor.   Honestly, it was one outlet for demolishing and preventing burnout… Read the full post -->

6 Areas Of Self-Care &Amp; Tips For Busy Nurses

It seems the term “self-care” has come up a lot in nursing over the years, and for good reason, nurses are overworked, stressed, traumatized, and simply physically and emotionally exhausted.… Read the full post -->

About INCA

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Nurse Coaches with a global community for learning, networking, and reconnecting to the heart and art of nursing.
INCA inspires and empowers Nurse Coaches to be leaders in healthcare – local to global.

Our Vision

Our vision positions nurses to play a major role in improving the overall health and wellbeing of people across the globe.
Nurse Coaches will lead the lifestyle change movement by assisting individuals, groups & communities to achieve their greatest human potential.

Our Model

Our INCA philosophy encompasses an understanding that the Nurse Coach honors the whole person using principles & modalities that integrate body-mind-emotions-spirit-environment.
This model respects all beliefs and cultures as essential components of health and well-being.

What is a Nurse Coach?

What does a nurse health coach do?

Learn 9 things to expect when partnering with a nurse coach