Course Policies


  • You will be respectful of your fellow students, your instructors and INCA staff in the course and in all public domains. Violation of this term may result in immediate removal from the course with no refund.
  • If you registered 15 or more days before the course begins, you can request a full refund within 48 hours of payment by emailing
  • If you registered for a course beginning in 14 or fewer days, no refund is permitted and the deferral policy below applies
  • You understand that you may defer to a future cohort during the first two weeks (14 calendar days) of a Course at no cost. If you defer any time after 14 days, a $100 transfer fee will be assessed. Deferral requests must be made in writing to your instructor and CC
  • You understand that if you do not complete the program requirements, or do not complete your payment plan (if applicable) by the end of the program, you will not receive a certificate of completion.
  • You will not share/distribute/re-purpose or utilize INCA’s intellectual property and course materials outside of the course without written permission from an INCA Executive.
  • If on a payment plan, you will keep your payment method up to date and understand that late payments may result in course suspension and additional fees.