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Maggie Leahy

Admissions Specialist

Maggie Leahy


I am so happy to be helping other nurses discover a different path of nursing that is both professionally and personally rewarding. The nurse coaching program at INCA provides a solid foundation for becoming the most impactful and successful nurse coach for your clients. You will learn how to be a better listener, how to effectively hold space, and discover techniques for facilitating others’ personal growth and healing. This program has impacted every area of my life and all of my relationships for the better and I’m so glad I took the leap. Get ready for a huge inner transformation and to be embraced by a new amazing network of like-minded nurses from across the world. Nurse coaches are part of the movement to revive quality healthcare, because we are truly invested in prevention and maintaining good health and wellbeing by attending to the whole person (body-mind-spirit-environment). I’m proud to have the opportunity as an Admissions Specialist to help welcome more nurses into our INCA family.