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Pamela Melson


Pam Melson is a long-time activist and earth momma. Pam began her journey in holistic health care prior many years to her nursing career, serving as a lay midwife and natural healer in her community. She had been reticent to look to an allopathic medicine career, until delving into the life and times of Florence Nightingale. She discovered that Florence was, by all standards, the mother of holistic nursing care. This discovery ignited the motivation to attain an ADN from Oklahoma City Community College, BSN from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and an MSN from Oklahoma Baptist University. Pam’s MSN research explored the efficacy of holistic self-care techniques in decreasing the risk of compassion fatigue and burnout in nursing. Pam attended the International Nurse Coach Association program and obtained her Board Certification from AHNCC as an Integrative Nurse Coach® in 2018. She completed the Commonweal Healing Circles certification in 2018.

Pam has been fortunate to be able to apply numerous holistic nursing modalities in her past nursing roles, psychiatric and hospice nursing, and diabetes education. She is currently a professor at Kramer School of Nursing, Oklahoma City University, teaching Community Health, Service Learning, Holistic, and International Health/Study Abroad classes. Pam conducts seminars with staff, faculty, students, and health care communities on burn out/compassion fatigue prevention, managing stress, meditation, therapeutic journaling, and motivational interviewing techniques.
Her greatest passions are spending time with her family, her friends, and Arlo the wonder dog. Pam is a free spirit and a life-long learner who loves traveling, cooking, hiking, gardening, making art, writing, and music.