Anah Aikman

Nurse Coach Alumna

Anah Aikman

“I am passionate about teaching and role modelling values-based leadership because I believe that the way we lead matters, and that through positive leadership, we can change the world.”

Anah is passionate about positive change. Of Maaori (Ngaati Maniapoto and Ngaati Wairere) and Scottish descent, she cares deeply about people and our planet, and believes that we have a duty of care to leave the world a better place.

Her mission is to educate others on the importance of values-based leadership and demonstrate the power this practice has to positively impact the healthcare landscape.

Having practiced as a Registered Nurse for 40+ years, in 2013 Anah became the first certified Integrative Nurse Coach outside of the United States. Becoming an Integrative Nurse Coach has allowed Anah to further develop her expertise in the health and wellness sector, and to share her extensive knowledge with others.

An avid traveller, natural storyteller and registered New Zealand Celebrant, Anah’s skillset is multifaceted. Tying together her unique experience, she encourages others to think differently and embrace personal growth.

Evolving is an organic part of life’s journey and Anah’s vision today embraces a global purpose. She hopes to leave behind a positive legacy and inspire change from within.