Admissions Specialist

Heidi Martell


I personally grew so very much during the Integrative Nurse Coach Certification Program: both in the Foundations & the Practicum. I was reminded of the beauty & necessity of self-development and all that this entails. I love being able to collaborate with clients from an integrative health perspective. I had been doing this for the last 5 years through consulting with those needing medical cannabis guidance, and now I have so many more tools in my toolbox to serve my clients: physically, emotionally, spiritually, & energetically. I am so passionate about Nurse Coaching & Holistic Nursing and the importance of our work that I wish to grow our Nurse Coach community to better serve all our clients with humility, respect, integrity, compassion, and grace. There is no program out there like INCCP for nurses: from the faculty to the theories to the assessment tools to the . . . . If INCA’s programs have piqued your interest, trust your intuition and dive in! We have an amazing community here to walk alongside you & serve you on your phenomenal journey!