Holly Miller
INCCP Cohort 21
Associate Faculty
Lancaster, PA

My story within nursing has been a zen journey of paths opening. Start-ing as a staff member on a med-surg floor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and shifting to part time work in community nursing. I embraced a full career in occupational health and safety for two Fortune 500 companies with oversight responsibilities for onsite clinics, industrial hygiene and campus wellness. I have now shifted to my heart’s passion for integrative health. I am the founder of Healing Dynamics – Integrated Holistic Services as a board certified holistic nurse and health and wellness nurse coach as well as associate faculty for INCA! My goal is to become part of the functional health care movement by meeting another where they are and partnering with them in their unfolding vitality. My focus is primarily adult populations addressing a range of needs from medical conditions, symptom abatement to wellness. My invitation is to calm the mind and heal the spirit with self-care techniques. A self-care practice for me has been my active participation, for over 19 years, with a group of individuals connected by our Tai Chi classes, studies and intent for conscious growth, healing and peace. As a mother of 2 sons and beautiful grandchildren, I sometimes ponder how to ‘witness’ their unfolding lives ~ not unlike coaching. I know I am responsible for the energy I bring into this relationship so a life journey indeed. l enjoy being around or on the water with kayaking and sailing, and find myself drawn to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay with my significant other, family and friends.