Deborah McElligott
Debbie and Joanne One Day, INCCP Cohort 20, INCCP Cohort 22 FAU, INCCP Cohort 24
INCA Associate Faculty
Point Lookout, NY

As Associate Faculty for the International Nurse Coach Association,my practice, formerly in cardiac surgery & nursing administration hasshifted to health promotion and wellness. My nursing careerspanning 40 years in the acute care areas of Cardiac surgery,integrative medicine, oncology, palliative care, administration andeducation has recently shifted to a private consulting practice. While Icontinue to coach various groups associated with cardiac wellness,my full time hospital NP privileges have shifted to voluntary staff as Icollaborate with a cardiac surgeon and cardiologist to focus primarilyon women¯Âå©s health and healing. I have conducted, presented andpublished nursing research on health promotion & wellness bothnationally and internationally. As a chapter leader for the AmericanHolistic Nurses Association and Assistant Professor at the Hofstra-North /shore LIJ School of Medicine I enjoy mentoring and coachingpeers and students. Long Island has always been my home, living ablock from the Atlantic Ocean for the last 18 years. My goal is to bepart of a dynamic health care team expanding the focus on coachingand integrative approaches to healing- changing the delivery of healthcare in our country- offering the opportunity to foster empowermentin personal health, regardless of income.