Nurses Coaching Nurses

Over the past couple of years, there has been a major exodus of nurses all over the world during the pandemic, but that’s not the only reason nurses are leaving. The challenges of this compassionate career have been difficult to sustain. High workloads, staffing shortages, and long shifts are just a few stress triggers nurses are faced with every day.   

We, meaning us nurses/nurse coaches, need to get nurses excited about nursing again. We need to empower nurses to take time to care for themselves so they can continue to compassionately care for others. So, I ask you to take a moment and think back to when you decided to become a nurse and what that meant to you.

Whether you are a new nurse or a nurse with many years of experience, you have undoubtedly experienced the feeling of being stuck at some point in your life and your career. You could be looking to advance your career or take it in a new direction. Perhaps you are struggling with burnout and trying to rekindle your love of nursing. Maybe you are concerned about your health and not sure how to quite get back to a time you when you felt your best.

Regardless of what is making you feel stuck, a nurse coach can help guide you through a process of becoming unstuck.

Nurse + Coach = Nurse Coach (NC)

So, what is nurse coaching? Nurse coaching is a learned skillset that uses the evidence-based nurse-coaching process to help build upon your strengths, overcome challenges, and promote overall health & wellbeing. This is accomplished through additional training from a credentialled program like INCA.

An NC coaches a variety of clientele including other Nurses. Nurses coaching other nurses is hugely beneficial because the coach has a strong understanding of the nursing industry and has walked down some similar paths.

Nurse coaches provide a judgement free, sacred space where you can be open, be heard, and achieve goals.

Why would a Nurse need Coaching?

Have you ever questioned if you were good enough? Ever thought nursing is just too stressful, exhausting, and taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Perhaps you are wondering if you should take that next step in your career or perhaps make a change in that area?

A nurse coach can help you when you with that. She/he can help you find the answers within you by asking empowering questions and awakening your own intuition to create the changes you seek and achieve the goals you set.

When would a Nurse need a Coach?

The simple answer is anytime you are struggling or feeling stuck…. not quite sure how to get to where you wish to be in your life and career.

For example: As a nurse, you may have experienced bullying in your career at some point. You may have been a newly graduated nurse, or an experienced nurse changing jobs and were bullied by a patient, a doctor, or dare I say it…. a nurse.

You may want to seek out a nurse coach if you are struggling with communicating appropriately to resolve conflict. An NC can help guide you by meeting you where you and asking powerful questions to inspire your own inner wisdom. Maybe your goal is to have that fierce conversation and stay where you are OR perhaps you decide it’s time to go in a different direction.

Where could you find a Nurse Coach?

Although nurse coaching is a relatively newer practice, the healthcare industry is catching on. Insurance companies and some hospitals have implemented the nurse coach role, but this may not be easily accessible to many nurses.

You can always look at the following places:

  • Ask your healthcare provider if an NC is available in your area.
  • Contact the Integrative Nurse Coaching Academy.
  • Advocate for a Nurse Coach if you do not have one
  • Search for a Nurse Coach in your state via Google.


The Takeaway

Nurses coaching nurses can improve retention rates from the industry perspective, but ultimately the nurse’s personal wellbeing is most important. Nurses need to know it’s OK to ask for help and get it.


 “Forgive yourself; you are not perfect. Show yourself grace; you are still learning. Show yourself patience; you are on a journey.” —Unknown


Lisa Landis

Lisa is an adult wellness nurse in a family practice by day and a freelance health content writer by night….and Saturday morning. She is passionate about her career because she gets to do what makes her happy, help others and write.
Lisa is still actively involved with her INCA alumni and meets monthly with her cohorts and pursuing her board certification in Nurse Coaching.

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