Niche Down, Nurse Coach!

Niche! Niche! By now, as a prospective or current Nurse Coach, you have heard the word “niche” a gazillion times. Taking everything into account, this may be THE most important word relevant to your nurse coaching business.

Finding your niche isn’t always easy. Some nurses may already know what their niche is, others are still searching, and many nurses find themselves changing their niche as their journey evolves. Whether you know or don’t know who your ideal client is, that’s OK, I’ll talk more about finding your niche as you read on.

So…. what if you have a niche that may be too broad, or for that matter, too narrow?

Let’s talk about finding your ideal niche and what it means to niche down.

Finding Your Nurse Coach Niche

A niche is more-or-less your elevator pitch and having one that speaks on a personal level to the clients you want to attract is essential to a Nurse Coaching business.

Nurses are naturally multi-compassionate, and it may seem somewhat difficult to find your ideal niche. The beauty of this is that one niche is just the start of your journey. As you evolve you may transition to a different niche or coach in multiple niches. The idea here is to just get started.

Here are a few ways to find your niche:

  • Simply start with what you already know. Nurse coaches work in a variety of settings, so experience varies. If you are working with geriatric patients and love it, then find out more about their pain points and what you can do to help them. Maybe they are dealing with chronic pain and have an opioid addiction. Unfortunately, this is a very real and common pain point for our elderly.
  • Journaling is an extremely helpful “tool” to prompting your niche choice. You can use journaling to aid in self-discovery, manifest your ideal client, or make a career plan of action. Take time to reflect and go with what warms your heart.
  • Utilize a niche worksheet. These can be found all over the internet, but basically, they involve 3 categories: What are you good at, who would gain value from that, and what problems can you solve?

Niche down to get noticed

Now that you have a niche, make it stronger. What does it mean to niche down? It’s basically a very useful marketing strategy for any business. When you have a clear focus on who your ideal client is, you can then define a subniche that calls out that population.

Having a niche that is too broad could mean your business never gets off the ground. For example: a Nurse Coach that helps people who struggle with heart disease is a very broad niche when you think about all the subtopics under heart disease. However, a Nurse Coach who helps clients with congestive heart failure who struggle with mindset, motivation, and accountability so they can achieve an optimal quality of life is a much narrower niche and will attract clients specific to heart failure and these pain points.

You may wonder….”If my niche is narrow, then won’t that limit my client base?” NO, it’s quite the opposite and there has been a lot of research put into this. A fellow blogger, Miles Beckler says it best! You must Niche Down to Stand Out!

A word of caution: You do not want to niche down so deep that you do not have a viable audience seeking your services. A Nurse Coach who helps clients with congestive heart failure secondary to Cardiac Amyloidosis who struggle with mindset, motivation, and accountability so they can achieve an optimal quality of life may not bring the volume of clients seeking your services.

The Nurse Coach Niche Takeaway

Narrowing your niche gives you a competitive edge, makes you more visible to those seeking coaching services in specialty areas, and increases your earning potential.

Lisa Landis

Lisa is an adult wellness nurse in a family practice by day and a freelance health content writer by night….and Saturday morning. She is passionate about her career because she gets to do what makes her happy, help others and write.
Lisa is still actively involved with her INCA alumni and meets monthly with her cohorts and pursuing her board certification in Nurse Coaching.

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