Announcing 4 Themed Scholarships for the Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program


The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy (INCA) is proud to announce the launch of four themed annual scholarships, each offering full tuition coverage to the Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program. These scholarships aim to support and promote diversity, inclusion, and global impact within the nursing profession. They also highlight INCA’s commitment to fostering a community of nurse coaches who are dedicated to improving health and wellbeing for individuals, communities, and the environment.

The four Nurse Coaching Scholarships offered annually are as follows:

    1. International Nurse Coach Scholarship: With a global perspective on health and wellness, this scholarship is designed for nurses outside of the United States who are interested in integrating nurse coaching into their practice. By providing full tuition coverage, INCA aims to expand the reach of integrative nurse coaching and create a worldwide network of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health outcomes. [Deadline to apply each year: January 15]
    2. Men in Nurse Coaching Scholarship: This scholarship is specifically designed to encourage and support male nurses who are interested in pursuing integrative nurse coaching. By offering full tuition coverage, INCA aims to promote gender diversity within the field and empower male nurses to become leaders in health promotion and holistic care. [Deadline to apply each year: April 15]
    3. BIPOC Nurse Coach Scholarship: Recognizing the importance of diversity and representation in the nursing profession, this scholarship is dedicated to supporting nurses of color who are passionate about integrative nurse coaching. Through full tuition coverage, INCA seeks to empower nurses from diverse backgrounds to make a positive impact on their communities and the healthcare system. [Deadline to apply each year: July 15)
    4. Susan J. Luck Environmental and Community Health Nurse Coach Scholarship: Named in honor of INCA co-founder and environmental activist Susan J. Luck (1948-2022), this scholarship focuses on supporting nurses who are committed to promoting environmental and community health. With full tuition coverage, the scholarship aims to inspire a new generation of nurse coaches dedicated to creating healthier, more sustainable communities. [Deadline to apply each year: November 15]

To apply for these scholarships, applicants must submit an essay detailing how they plan to use their skills to make a positive impact. Visit the Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program Scholarships page to learn more and apply.

About the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy (INCA) is a leading provider of comprehensive training for nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in integrative nurse coaching and other integrative nursing modalities. Through online and interactive learning experiences, INCA offers a supportive and empowering environment for participants to develop their coaching abilities, enhance their nursing practice, and promote health and wellness in their communities.

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