INCA Launches Innovative Hypnosis for Nurses Certification Course



New Online Course Seamlessly Combines Hypnosis, NLP and Advanced Communication Techniques for Next-Level Patient Care

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy (INCA) is proud to announce the official launch of its revolutionary Hypnosis for Nurses Certification Course. This pioneering program is designed to elevate nursing practice through the innovative amalgamation of hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and advanced communication techniques.

Over a period of 12 weeks, the course offers an in-depth look at how hypnosis and NLP can be effectively utilized within nursing and coaching roles. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in three live Zoom meetings, facilitating a hands-on approach to learning alongside peers and the course instructor, Christina Cowgill, CRNA, NC-BC, MBA.

Hypnosis, in conjunction with NLP, has been demonstrated to establish immediate rapport with patients, greatly aiding in discomfort management, surgery preparation, enhanced healing processes, and more. INCA is thrilled to offer this unique course enabling nurses to harness the power of these advanced techniques to improve both their practice and personal growth.

Participants will gain 64 contact hours towards license renewal and AHNCC board certification renewal, significantly contributing to their professional development. The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy is an accredited provider of continuing education through the ANCC.

The course is designed in a flexible manner, with Part 1 standing alone or in combination with Part 2 for those eager to delve deeper and aim for national certification.

Registration for the course is now open, with an early bird special price of $1,899 (valid until 30 days before each cohort start date). Flexible payment plans are also available.

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy is committed to equipping nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to redefine the boundaries of patient care. The Hypnosis for Nurses Course is yet another step towards achieving this goal.

About Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy: The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy (INCA) is a leading institution dedicated to advancing nursing through innovative programs and courses. At INCA, we believe in the power of a well-rounded nursing education that transcends traditional models and prepares nurses for the evolving landscape of healthcare.

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