Health, Wellness, and Wholeness: A Lifelong Process

Health, wellness and wholeness is a lifelong process.  It is understanding and connecting to the many sides of yourself, leading to a deep understanding and acceptance of your inner wisdom and to finding the balance that supports your life (Dossey, 2013).

Nurse Coaching with a Registered Nurse (health and wellness coaching) encourages you to explore many components of your humanness, and spending time devoted to nurturing your health components, gives you space to honor your version of health as it is now, and to connect to who you are. It also uncovers a deep seeded possibility to accept your human potential, filling your life with purpose, peace and acceptance.



Your life journey is constantly evolving, as is your body, mind, spirit, culture and environment, so cultivating these areas of health, wellness and wholeness keeps you aware and fully alive.


At different stages of life your definition of healthy and whole will vary, for even in illness, or at the end stages of life there can be health and wholeness.

Taking time to consider what your present and future health vision looks and feels like, and then learning strategies to flourish as you shift through varying stages of life, will open up possibilities you may have never considered beyond your initial needs of a doctor’s visit or acute illness.


Investing in your health and wholeness enhances your energy, vitality, purpose, wellness, self-discovery and commitment to your own needs. It can reduce pain and symptoms of gastric bloating or headaches. Investment in self can develop clarity, integrity and self-love. It can reduce the amount of time spent at the doctors office, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends. It can help you reduce the medicine you take, feel younger, lose weight, or get you going to that yoga class you’ve been eyeing. Understanding your health and wholeness vision can shift your food choices, or even teach you to cook!


More importantly, it helps you uncover what is of most value to you…right now.

Thinking about your own life, what could open up for you if you allowed space for your health and wholeness?


The Integrative Heath & Wellness Assessment (IHWA) is based on over ‘30 years of integrative, integral, & holistic nursing clinical practice, education & research’ (Dossey, Luck, Schaub, 2015), & aids in the process of self discovery.


Self discovery creates a window of possibility to uncover your ultimate health, wellness & wholeness.

Notice the shape of the IHWA Wheel. The circle represents an ancient symbol of wholeness, just as you are, a whole being comprised of many different parts and pieces. Using this tool allows you to dive into self-discovery creating the possibility to open up your human potential. Your human potential can be things you accept and admire about yourself and even the things that you’d like to change.

The Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment is comprised of 8 components. They are; (1) Life Balance & Satisfaction, (2) Relationships, (3) Spiritual, (4) Mental, (5) Physical (Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management), (7) Environmental, & (8) Health Responsibility (International Nurse Coach Association, 2014).


Having a safe space to focus on your health and wholeness is imperative, and this is where a Nurse Coach comes in.


A Nurse Coach is a Registered Nurse who has chosen to advance their Nursing education with additional extensive board certification, supervised practice and mentor-ship to learn the tools, concepts and theories to actively coach clients, patients and families towards their best health, while preventing and mitigating disease.

Nurse Coaches do not treat diseases or body parts, instead they honor people as unique, individual beings, comprised of wisdom and strengths.  They engage patients and their families in all health-related decisions.  Nurse Coaches see the possibility for healing and connect with people on a deep level, and is why they are essential in the healthcare space, communities and business, because they see your potential and can move you towards your fullness!


Nurse Coaches focus on your strengths, instead of problem areas. In an excerpt from Alex Linley’s From Average to A+: Realizing Strengths in Yourself and Others notes that two thirds of people are unaware of their strengths! This means that your potential is being hidden potentially keeping you from finding your true purpose and your health and wholeness.

Strength Spotting allows you to to be fully present in your unique self, letting you shine in your amazing self, honor who you are, where you’ve come from and the possibilities in your future.

So let’s move forward together. It’s time to put 100% effort into your health and wholeness. Let us create a plan with you to uncover what is most important to connect with your true self.


Nicole Vienneau

Nicole Vienneau MSN, RN, NC-BC is a recovering burned-out ICU Nurse.  Through Integrative Nurse Coaching and holistic modalities, she’s on the daily voyage to well-becoming.

Nicole is founder Restoration Room  and Blue Monarch Health, an author, podcast host of the Integrative Nurse Coaches in ACTION!, holds a board certification in Integrative Nurse Coaching and combines 20+ years of Nursing with 30+ years of fitness, health coaching and energy work to partner with mid-life women and healthcare workers who want to THRIVE!

She loves her husband, her two crazy cats and enjoys being in nature and having fun.

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