Coaching Questions to Ask When a Client Feels Stuck

Feeling stuck, like you can’t make decisions or envision a plan to move forward in your health or wellness goals can feel confining, uncomfortable, even limiting to the vision you see yourself moving towards.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines stuck as being unable to move from a particular position or place, or unable to change a situation.

When a Coaching Client Feels Stuck

When a client is feeling stuck, they may not know which way to go and what next step to take and everything may seem to feel overwhelming.  Feeling frozen is another word that comes to mind. Their feet are stuck in the ice, and they can’t move forwards, or backwards, or sideways- they are stuck.  Sometimes it can feel like they ‘re jumping up and down and using excessive energy to get nowhere.

Questions To Ask When A Client Feels Stuck

Supporting clients through these challenging situations is what Nurse Coaches love to do, and sometimes, those challenging situations can cause you to also feel discomfort.  As a Nurse Coach you might feel limited too, like, what do I say?  How can I help?  What questions can I ask to support him or her?  I feel like I need a perfect question…

Integrative Nurse Coaches are experts at holding space for clients, patients and communities, and you know in your heart that just the act of being with someone unconditionally can help them get unstuck, and yet, it can also help if you do have some probing, supportive, open ended questions in your back pocket to help them explore this situation deeper into their wisdom.

Feeling Un Stuck

Coaching Questions to Ask When a Client Feels Stuck

  1. What specifically is holding you back?  Explain it like you were talking to a small child.
  2. What would a successful outcome look like to you in your imagination?
  3. What teeny-tiny next step could you do now?
  4. What would you do if you didn’t have this opportunity?
  5. If you had a magic wand that could do anything, what magic spell would you put on this situation?
  6. Suppose you had all the information you needed, what would you next step be?
  7. If you were me, coaching you, what question would you ask next?
  8. If you were me, coaching you, what question would you not want me to ask next?
  9. What would your most loving friend suggest if they were giving you the best advice?
  10. Look at this situation through the eyes of someone you admire.  What options do you have now?
  11. Where else in your life has this feeling shown up?
  12. Have you run out of answers?  Or have you run out of easy answers?
  13. Who have you heard of that has overcome something like you are experiencing?
  14. If you were willing to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone, what solutions could you discover?
  15. What is your gut telling you to do?
  16. What action that would take less than 15 minutes would help you move you in the direction of your goals?
  17. What action could you take right now that would help you feel closer to yourself?

I’m guessing you’ll find a coaching question on this list that can support you and your client if and when they get stuck. 

What other questions have you used that have helped?   Please leave a comment as it may be the perfect questions another Nurse Coach is seeking to help them and their clients.

Thanks for being here!  Until next time.  You are loved, Nurse Coach Nicole

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