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Lisa Ostler

Admissions Specialist, Clinical Faculty

Lisa Ostler


My name is Lisa Ostler and I am a BSN-RN with over 20 years experience.  The majority of this time has been spent working in the ER and as a Flight Nurse.  A few years ago, due to compassion fatigue and seeking a less stressful job, I moved to the PACU and started working at a IV Hydration, Ketamine and Wellness Clinic.
I started my Integrative Nurse Coaching career in 2019, after graduating from INCA, Cohort 26.  I opened Olympia Integrative Healing LLC, a place where I intertwine my Yoga teaching and Nurse Coaching.  My passion is for women’s health, more specifically Menstrual Cycle Awareness.  I love helping women bring awareness to their entire Menstrual Cycle, find patterns and incorporate tools to help them live a life of wellness.
I am a Yoga Teacher (200hr RYT) and teach 3 classes in and around Olympia, WA, where I live.  I helped open up a collective Yoga Studio in Olympia; a shared space for teachers, healers and mentors to come together to offer practices that cultivate individual and collective healing.
I am Canadian, a dog mom, a lover of nature, with a passion to help all people find the tools they need to live a healthier, more meaningful and joyful life,
Being a part of INCA has been a dream since I walked through the doors of my course- needless to say, I am both honored and grateful to be here now.