Top Tips for New Nurse Coaches

There’s nothing better than receiving advice from someone who’s been through it all, as you are coming towards it.  That’s why I reached out to seasoned Nurse Coaches from all over the country to ask them the question,

“What advice would you give a new Nurse Coach, that you wish you’d known?”

Here’s what Nurse Coaches from around the world shared as their top tips to inspire new Nurse Coaches.

Top Tips for New Nurse Coaches

Just be you. ❤️  ~Kaaren


Get ready for the journey. Promote your passion and don’t give up. Don’t quit your job right away. You got this! ~Christiebel


It takes time. Fall in love with the process.  Intentions over goals. ~Laura


Trust where you are being pulled! I doubted this for months- almost a year actually – then it was finally “duh” these are my people! ❤️🤩 ~Jenn

Top Tips For New Nurse Coaches

Learn sales and marketing.  ~Erin


Get really clear on your deep why for becoming a nurse coach and keep that in front of you. There will be moments that you will want to talk yourself out of it when it becomes hard or unmotivated.  Invest in yourself – you will be “forced” to heal the parts of you that you didn’t realize you needed to help “guide” others.  Invest in a coach – to save you time in the long term. ~Suzanne


I know it feels uncomfortable, but can you show up one more day. ❤️ Surround yourself with people who get it because there will be so many moments when you feel like you’re the only one navigating it. I promise you’re not ❤️  ~Tiffany


1: Entrepreneurship is a slow burn and a grind, it’s not a quick turnaround.

2: Also, the narrower your scope, the bigger the payoff, so be very clear on your what and why.

3: Lastly, burnout isn’t a specialty. It may be the reason that we all decided to leave bedside, but it’s a symptom. Don’t say you “specialize” in burnout. It’s a broad brush that too many people use and is undefinable. If you can define it, see #2. ~Seth


Top Tips For New Nurse Coaches


Make sure you are fully supported for deeper healing work through the journey. Entrepreneurship is a healing modality in itself so having the right support through the rollercoaster ❤️ ~Jessica


Tell people about what you do and how you can help them. Come from a place of service and you’ll find more fulfillment than you imagine! ~Kristen


You don’t have to say anything profound. Get out of your head. Listen deeply. Let them lead. They already have the answers. ~Carla


Nurse Coaching will not “save you” from nursing. ~Tara


Start with small wins and get comfortable in what you can do. Find a mentor and a niche. ~Gillian


The training you take to be a nurse coach is really just the beginning. Continue to invest in yourself. Figure out what you already know and how to use that knowledge in your coaching. Nobody knows what the heck a Nurse Coach is, so be prepared to explain it over and over again. (and again). ~Renee


  1. Nurse Coaching doesn’t mean Entrepreneurship.
  2. Nurse Coaching can be infused into any nursing position. You can allow it to be the skill set it is and utilize it as just that. No one said it had to be a stand alone role.
  3. The fantasy of “owning your own time” also doesn’t mean that a 9-5 life can’t be just as dreamy.

🙃 don’t put Baby in a corner. It’s okay to go against the grain differently than the others against the grain. ~Christina


It’s hard if you are not virtually savvy. ~Ann


Investing in myself by hiring a coach while continuing to surround myself with a community of new Nurse Coaches was so incredibly helpful. The ups and downs are inevitable yet having that community, support, and a clear WHY makes a world of difference ❤️  ~Hannah


You don’t need any more training or classes, any more certifications, or spending more money.  Just enjoy the accomplishments and enjoy what you wanted to be trained to do.  Take that money and put it towards your business. Enjoy your achievement, enjoy your Work. ~Lisa


Top Tips For New Nurse Coaches


Keep your day job. ~Linda


Doing something new is scary as heck, and you can do it! Continuous learning is important and don’t allow yourself to keep getting more certifications that stop you from doing what you really want to do.  You know enough.  You are enough. ~Nicole


Be persistent and be open for opportunities ~Jeanne


85 percent of your job is marketing. And you can only take people as far as you have come so get your own coach. ~Shelley


We are seeing more jobs for nurse coaching. Be persistent in your search.  🌟❤️🌟  ~Robin


I knew when I started INCA I wanted to be in private practice. I had a lot of knowledge deficit about how to do that. I couldn’t see any better way of navigating that than hiring a Nurse Coach who had already established herself and could help me navigate that. I also had a lot of personal limiting beliefs and a long history of anxiety that she supported me through. When I hired her, I told her how much I worried about everything. She told me we would work on that and we did. She quickly helped me see things from a different perspective–what is within my control and what is without. Having a coach was invaluable for helping me overcome what was holding me back. I am successful in my practice because I walk the talk. I could not sell coaching to others if I’d never been coached myself.  ❤️ ~Katie


Top Tips For New Nurse Coaches


You can do nurse coaching in many ways. You don’t have to do independent practice unless that’s your goal. In a hospital or clinic setting you can utilize coaching in all you do and you can influence administrations by educating them on nurse coaching as a specialty. I did that before I left my full-time management position. I also run a support group for Women with and at risk for heart disease where group coaching is extremely effective. ~Claire


That certification is just the first baby step of our coaching journey and to always remember that when we start feeling disappointed that we’re not running marathons 6 months later 😊  ~Monika


  1. Get really comfortable with selling yourself! YOU are the biggest reason someone will choose to work with you.
  2. Grow your personal and professional connections. They will be your best resources and referrals.
  3. Be patient, growth takes time. In the meantime, continue to work on yourself. This becomes invaluable when you can tell a client you went through exactly what they did and healed yourself. ❤️ ~Lauren
Think outside of the box and take the opportunity that comes. It might not look the way you planned it!! Be flexible! ~Judy

What would YOU like to share with new Nurse Coaches?  Leave a comment to share your wisdom.

See you soon!  xo Nurse Coach Nicole

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