5 Tips Nurse Coaches can use to Write Organic Guided Imagery Scripts

Although there are a lot of wonderful, guided imagery courses scripts available, creating organic guided imagery scripts are a great way to enhance your role as a Nurse Coach and personalize the experience for the client(s). It’s also an awesome way to create a tool for your own self care needs.

Depending on your specific nurse coaching niche, you may encounter experiences with clients who are dealing with grief, chronic inflammation, teenage anxiety, or whatever your calling may be. Guided imagery can be incorporated in literally any niche.

Nurses are already experienced writers, I mean…. you do it every day, right? Those who practice guided imagery have a greater understanding of the power of this type of meditation, so why not create your own guided imagery scripts tailored to your client’s needs.

It may just ease someone’s pain, reduce anxiety, increase positive thinking, or help visualize the path to any goal.

Here are 5 tips Nurse Coaches can use to Write Guided Imagery Scripts

  1. Read, Recite, and Meditate with Guided Imageries

As with nurse coaching, the best way to get good at something is to practice, practice, practice!

Read guided imagery scripts online or the one’s provided through INCA out loud. Recite them in a comforting tone, taking pauses at appropriate times. Record your readings and practice to improve. Journaling helps if you are stuck.

Experience a few guided imagery meditations so you can experience prayer in a spiritually deeper way. Enjoy the moment and then go back and listen to the person reciting the script. This will help you get an idea of how you might narrate one and then develop your methos of delivery such as where to pause and ponder with in the meditation.

  1. Ground yourself

Try a meditation or breath exercise to calm yourself and focus. This will help you visualize the scenes of the guided imagery and help you experience the script as you write it, which gives the script a personal feel.

  1. Plan your script.

Create a list of things you want to include in the guided imagery script based on the pain points and possible goals of potential clients. Brainstorming ideas for multiple scripts to include in your nurse coaching toolbox is great, but more importantly it attributes to your own self-development.

A nurse coach already has an idea of what the client might be suffering from because they are seeking your services based on your niche…. or niches. However, until you have that first or second interaction, you do not have an idea of what your client’s goals or desires are. You can be prepared with a guided imagery you created based on their potential pain points and a possible attainable goal visualize.

This is not “fool proof” as clients may desire to move on to a new goal, but you can have a more scripts on hand visualizing any goal. Better yet, if you have practiced enough, you will be able to freely guide an imagery practice without the use of a script – some with more experience do not need a script at all.

  1. Choose one topic

Now that you have brainstormed ideas for the scripts, choose a topic. Pick one of the pain points you listed and visualize a solution. Now just write!

  1. Tweak what needs tweaking

This is just a quirky way of saying edit. Read, reread, and adjust your script to suit your style. Recording your reading of the script not only helps you pinpoint changes needed, but it gives you practice as well.

That’s it!


Here’s a thought: If you are excited about creating mindful meditation scripts, why not record these for your practice or website? The how to’s on that is a bit involved, but there is software available for that.


Guided meditation is a great way to personalize the experience of your nurse coaching client and positively impacts your growth as a nurse coach.

Writing scripts is not for everyone, and that’s ok. You can find guided imagery scripts online and purchase them for use in your practice but be careful…. check those copyright laws and website policies.

Lisa Landis

Lisa is an adult wellness nurse in a family practice by day and a freelance health content writer by night….and Saturday morning. She is passionate about her career because she gets to do what makes her happy, help others and write.
Lisa is still actively involved with her INCA alumni and meets monthly with her cohorts and pursuing her board certification in Nurse Coaching.

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