My Journey Home: INC Reflections

Nancy N. Carlson, RN, INC, RYT-200, Reiki Master is a graduate of the INCCP.  Here is a little insight into her journey.

April 29, 2012

In January 2012, as part of the INCCP Cohort 2, I completed the INC Certificate Program. This was our 3rd and last group meeting in NYC. Four intense days of learning, re-learning, digesting, un-doing, transforming, collaborating, etc. Finishing, exhausted, but very happy. Returning back into the world with life as it is. Ok, now what? How do I start to do this work?

Fortunately, I was able to attend the Integrative Health Symposium in NYC a few weeks later. I had the pleasure of meeting other Cohorts and working together at the INC booth during the conference. Still processing all this new learning and being. Four more intense days…exhausted and this time, sick with a fever, but very happy.  Back to home and life again.  I now have more connections, understanding and peer support. Ok, now what? How do I start to do this work?

Six months ago, I made plans for a trip to India as part of my personal journey. I was inspired by years of studying Hindu philosophy with a scholar in my New England yoga community. So, again, a few weeks later, I was on a plane to India to a city called Vrindavan in Mathura.

Little did I know how significant this would be to my coaching journey. I stayed at the Jiva Institute of Vedic Studies for one month. One of the opportunities for study there was Ayruveda – the world’s oldest known medical science. I took a beginning course. At the very first lecture, I realized, this was Integrative Nurse Coaching in the form of an ancient medical discipline. “The science of life”….”Ayus” meaning “life” and “Veda” meaning “knowledge”.

Ayurveda promotes healthy life stye as the prevention and treatment of disease. As a holistic philosophy of life, we ingest and digest everything in our lives. What we put into and onto our bodies, food, air, water, light, what we see, hear and touch, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, the past-present-future, our relationships, work, play and physical activity. Everything and everyone that we associate with.

So, if we learn the function of our relation to the world around us, we can create a natural balance in the body, mind and senses.  As  nurse coaches, we can take this knowledge  into self-care, lifestyle change, and compassionate health and life coaching.  All of this comes from within us, not outside of us. We all have everything we need. Our work in coaching is to support everyone’s natural order and balance. Ayurveda is also used on oneself, self care. As a practitioner or coach, then one can assist and guide others in this knowledge of Ayurveda or Integrative self care.

My whole India experience, especially the Ayurvedic knowledge, was a validation of our INC training….hopeful, a vision of the future, one step at a time. Self Care = World Care. There is no quick fix or express train on this journey. It is an on-going, unfolding of ourselves, with a new vision of ‘self’ and this world. We, as INC, are stepping into Uncharted Territory within this modern world. Yet, we are rooted in an ancient Eternal knowledge….a story of Hope.

Within our personal journeys, each of us are creating a unique way to bring this into the world. Our personal journey merges with our coaching journey.


To me this is all a part of “My Journey Home”:

Home is trust

just show up

let it unfold.


What keeps us from

the process is fear,


be home.


We want security

we want to know that

we will be successful.


But, trust is wide open.


Walking the tight rope

over a deep gorge

to the other side

with fear

we will fall

or never even try.


We are just trying to survive.


With trust

we will get there

home, just show up

light footed, with a feeling

of flying to the other side.


It is wide open

many possibilities

doors to new life.


Stand on the edge

don’t be afraid

you can’t go back anymore.


One step takes you there.



Chauhan, Dr. Partap. (2000), Eternal Health; The Essence of Ayurveda; Faridabad, India; Jiva Institute.


Nancy Carlson
Nancy Carlson
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