Each Step Leads the Way: INC Reflections

Each Step Leads The Way: Inc Reflections

(A conversation between my innate-wisdom and myself, a.k.a Integrative Nurse Coach)

by Nancy Carlson

Who Are You?

I am your feet,

the bottom of your feet

that connects with the ground

you walk on.

Going forward…

your feet will walk on

sweet, open fields of fresh, new land.

Full of color and light

Deep richness, wide open…

What Do You Have To Give Me?

The soles of your feet

and where you walk on

are deep and rich also.

All is there

all that you are

and all that you do.

Don’t worry, just walk

and know

that you have what you need

to go into unchartered territory,

grounded and strong,

clear and wise.

What Do You Want From Me?

Inspiration, confidence,

authenticity and sense of purpose,

light-footedness and joy.

Remember…this is your birthright,

your work, your life.

Is There Anything Else?                                                    

Just start,

put your feet on the earth,

let them take you there.

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