Healing with Snow Angels: A Nurse Coach Reflection

A Snow Angel made by one of our graduates as a reminder of the magic of creative fun

Catherine Errico, one of our graduates, recently shared this healing interaction with a client:

I saw a client the other day that I had coached over the summer.  When I met her in May, she was struggling to believe that her ovarian cancer was not going to “come back” and it was affecting every aspect of her life.  She was often worried and anxious and as the coaching went on she began to lighten up and become more of what she called her “essential light spirited self.”   Last week she looked wonderful and shared a story with me.  We got a nice sized snow storm right after the new year.  She explained that she was restless and decided to go outside and shovel and, she added, to do so fully appreciating that it was her choice.  After clearing a path she went for a walk to the park where she couldn’t fight the urge to get down on the ground and make a snow angel.  She enjoyed it so much that she made a string of them all along the walk on one side of the park.  When people walked by she just looked up at them and smiled.  For several days as she drove by, she looked at her long string of snow angels and got in touch with the childlike joy they were made with.  With a big beautiful smile on her face, she said, “Making them made me feel so alive!  I remembered that life is supposed to be joyful!”

Another Integrative Nurse Coach® joined in on the Snow Angel fun after hearing this story


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