Shakira Franklyn

Clinical Faculty

Shakira Franklyn


Shakira Franklyn has leveraged over 26 years of experience and knowledge as a professional registered nurse and global health practitioner to launch Korpo Wellness. Korpo Wellness was launched in 2021 as a health and wellness organization focused on supporting individuals and communities who want to reach their healing and health potential. As the CEO/Founder of Korpo Wellness,

Ms. Franklyn is committed to providing integrative health and wellness coaching and outreach programs to the most vulnerable in our communities. Her vision for Korpo Wellness is to utilize her professional experiences and unique communication skills to guide those who desire to fully engage in their own health and wellness.

Ms. Franklyn, as a graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Nursing, took a special interest in pediatric and community health nursing, which led her to obtaining a Master of Public Health from George Washington University. Shakira’s career in public health laid a solid foundation in health promotion and disease prevention from a population perspective. She was able to spread her global health wings while serving as a field evaluator for international projects in Peru, Bolivia, and Jamaica. In order to fulfill her lifelong dream of “delivering babies,” she focused her education and training on obtaining her Master of Science in Midwifery from Georgetown University. Through challenging work assignments, she has successfully attended over 700 healthy births. She credits her time practicing as a full scope midwife with her ability to see the innate personal power that resides within the human spirit.

As an inspiring global citizen, Shakira started traveling at the early age of three. With a trip to Haiti with her mother, she learned how to communicate and share common experiences. It left her with a lasting imprint of memories that still guide her learning and practice. She would later take her love of travel and cultural exploration to become a Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Volunteer, a special partnership with the Peace Corps and Seed Global Health. Ms. Franklyn served as Visiting Midwifery Faculty in Liberia West Africa for a year. Ms. Franklyn is recognized as a 2016-2017 Fellow in Global Clinical Education for her commitment to health education and mentoring the next generation of healthcare leaders.

“I want to be an example of self-actualization, and with Korpo Wellness help guide and empower those who want healing and wellness to shape their lives.”