Nurse Coach Alumna

Sarah DeVincenzi


I am a Board Certified Nurse Coach working in the acute care hospital setting. I obtained a Masters in Integrative Health Studies and am pursuing ways to bridge and heal our different healthcare paradigms while continuing to work at the bedside in the ICU. Being a healthcare provider myself, I am especially passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of the people these systems are comprised of. In both my personal and professional life, nursing has been my transforming agent. It is my catalyst for growth and my mirror for reflection. I have lost and found myself many times through the struggles of being a nurse, and now I find myself with a new way of identifying. I want to lead, to help, to heal, to encourage growth and health in my patients and peers. At this moment in time my nursing practice is all about healthy connections. Healthy connections within ourselves and between each other are what is going to allow for sustainable changes that will improve our health and wellbeing. I believe nurses are strategically positioned to facilitate the wellbeing of our peers and patients, but also the transformation of our healthcare system into an integrative health promoting network rooted in community.