Ep37: Starting a New Nurse Coach Business

About Starting a New Nurse Coach Business

Lauren Briggs New Nurse Coach BusinessLauren Briggs, RN, BSN, NC-BC is the Founder of Practical Medicine, LLC located in Stamford, CT. ‘Nurse Lauren’ has been practicing nursing for over 12 years in New York and Connecticut.


She worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including traditional and emergency medicine, which helped lead her to holistic medicine.  She has worked in Functional and Integrative Medicine exclusively for the past 7 years and she is a Board-Certified Nurse Coach with INCA/AHNCC.


Nurse Lauren specializes in migraines, hormones and gut health with vitamins and herbal supplementation and is passionate about nutrition and living an organic healthy lifestyle. She is a Certified Homeopath though CEDH and working towards a Certification in Functional Medicine Nursing through INCA/IFM.


She is also a homeschool mom of two boys and coordinator for the Stamford CSA program for a local organic farm. Nurse Lauren is passionate about holistic healthcare and coaches her clients with this perspective in mind, empowering her clients to return to whole health naturally with lifestyle changes that are the foundation for long lasting results.

website: Practical Medicine

IG: @practicalmedicinellc

FB: Facebook Practical Medicine  


Liz White New Nurse Coach Business Liz White, BSN, RN is founder of Chronic Nurse, who provides healing and balance for women with chronic illness. She has successfully completed the nurse coach foundations course and practicum hours through the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy. Prior to nurse coaching, her experience includes Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, GI, Home Infusion Nursing, and Pre-Operative Services. She is also a passionate nursing educator.


Living with chronic pain, fatigue, or other uncomfortable chronic symptoms can feel lonely. Navigating our healthcare system can be stressful. Liz is there for her clients,  because she has walked in their shoes. Liz has struggled with endometriosis, immunodeficiency, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and other chronic conditions, for most of her adult life.


She understands the difficulty that women with chronic illness are faced with everyday and has made it her mission to understand how to help others heal their hearts and emotions from within and to find peace and a balanced life. She wants her clients to know that it is possible to live a fulfilling life while also being chronically ill.

When Liz is not working on nursing-related work, she likes to be outdoors hiking or at the beach, spending time with her son and two dogs or recharging with a Netflix binge or some quiet meditation.

Liz believes in allowing clients to lead their sessions by exploring what goals they would like to set for their health. She considers her role in this process to be a guide; to listen with empathy and provide encouragement. 

website: Chronic Nurse

Instagram: @chronic.nurse


Chelsea McGee New BusinessChelsea McGee, BSN, RN, NC-BC, is the co-founder of Nightingale Holistic Health, she is also a registered nurse, board certified integrative nurse coach, integrative sound healer, and reiki practitioner. Her nursing background includes emergency medicine, mental health, and corporate wellness. She is also an admissions specialist for the International Nurse Coach Academy.


She is currently working on my master’s degree in Maharishi Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine.


Chelsea is incredibly passionate about anything and everything “integrative health” and believes that true healing lies within a blend of eastern and western medicine.


Nurses are on the forefront of this much needed healthcare paradigm shift, and it is my purpose and passion to be a part of this revolution! When I unplug and focus on self-care, you can find me outside enjoying nature, hiking, or planning my next trip to a national park. I also love camping, bonfires, and in depth talks about life and spirituality!


website:  Nightingale Holistic Health

Instagram:  @nightingaleholistichealth

Facebook: Nightingale Holistic Health



Ep37: Starting a New Nurse Coach Business Highlights


  • Starting a business is a rewarding journey of so many emotions and new learnings
  • Nurses are perfectly positioned to start their own business
  • Being a Nurse Coach entrepreneur creates independence
  • No one teaches any business classes in Nursing school! So, you will have to learn new skills
  • Ask for help
  • There are plenty of resources to support you on this new adventure
  • The Business of Nurse Coaching course will set you up for success

Resources and Links

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Pacing

Functional Medicine for Nurses™ Specialty Course

The Business of Nurse Coaching Specialty Course

Small Business Association


Nurse Coaching Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellbeing Textbook

Speak to Chelsea or Lauren who are INCA Admissions Coordinators at admissions@inursecoach.com to get your Nurse Coaching questions answered!

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Ep37: Starting a New Nurse Coach Business Transcript

Nicole Vienneau  00:00

Welcome, everyone, to Integrative Nurse Coaches in ACTION! My name is Nicole Vienneau. I am your host, and I’m also a Board-Certified Integrative Nurse Coach. And I am so jazzed about today’s podcast guests, because we’ve heard from our listeners that you guys, you want us to talk more about what it’s like to be a Nurse Entrepreneur and be a Nurse Coach.

And I thought it would be fun to gather up three amazing Nurse Coaches who are newer to the Nurse Entrepreneur role to share all of their learnings and ideas and visions for their future. And maybe it’ll help some of us who are on the fence about doing some of this business kind of stuff. But also knowing that Nurse Coaches can be wherever they feel comfortable in our amazing communities.

So, I’d love to welcome, first off, Lauren Briggs, who owns Practical Medicine. We also have Chelsea McGee, who is co-founder of Nightingale Holistic Health. And we also have Liz White, who is the owner of Chronic Nurse PLLC. So, I welcome Lauren, Chelsea, and Liz.

Liz White  01:16

Thank you. I’m happy to be here.

Lauren Briggs  01:17

Thank you.

Chelsea McGee  01:17

I’m really excited to be here.

Lauren Briggs  01:19

Thanks for having us on the show today.

Nicole Vienneau  01:22

I love it. I love it when a plan comes together. So, we always love to take a short snippet back in history to learn why you decided to become a Nurse. And Liz, let’s start with you. Just a real short snippet.

Liz White  01:37

I probably have like the most classic story as to how I became a Nurse and that is my mom is a Nurse. So, I just grew up with a Nurse mom, and I felt inspired by a lot of the things she shared with me and now we are both Nurses.

Chelsea McGee  01:56

Alright, am I next up? This is Chelsea. So, a similar situation, Liz, my mom is also a Registered Nurse. She has been a Nurse for over 40 years working in the OR. My dad is also a sports medicine doc. So, I kind of grew up in a household of medicine.

And it’s interesting though, because, you know, there were so many dinner conversations about healthcare and what my parents were up to during the work day, and I would always get so grossed out and I said, “I’m never going to go into healthcare, I’m never going to be a Nurse.” And although I took a few detours before I entered the field of Nursing, it all came back around.

And I know I’m exactly where I belong. My first degree, you know, I was interested in healthcare after I took an EMT class in high school. So, my first degree is actually in Kinesiology. And then after that I actually decided to enlist in the Coast Guard for four years. And after that, at the age of 28, I decided, well, it’s time for Nursing. And here I am.

Lauren Briggs  02:59

So, my story’s a little bit different. I went into Nursing 12 years ago after, unfortunately, my brother passed away at a very young age. And I knew that I wanted to help people to live healthier lives. And I started working at a hospital and just didn’t feel that I was fulfilled in that position. You know, Band-Aid medicine did not work for me. So, I ended up in Nurse Coaching two years ago. So, it’s been a real journey to be where I am today.

Nicole Vienneau  03:29

I love the journeys. So many fun journeys from having a mom who’s a Nurse and then having a career before Nursing and then having, you know, a traumatic event happen that helps you decide yes, this is where I want to go in my vision of wellbeing. So, thank you so much.

I know that you all have way bigger stories than that, but we only have a few… you know, a little bit of time together, so I wanted to just have a highlight view. Okay, so now since, Lauren, you mentioned Nurse Coaching, how about you begin and tell us how you discovered Nurse Coaching and what called to you that made you decide to go for it.

Lauren Briggs  04:08

So, I had a friend who went through the program with INCA. Absolutely loved it, raved about it, started her own business. And I was in awe, decided that I had to do this. But at the time I was working… I was working for a functional medicine doctor, I was the Nurse manager and I was very busy. I had two young kids. And the timing wasn’t right.

And then fast-forward to March of 2020 and the world shut down. It was kind of perfect timing because the practice I was working for went virtual. So, I was out of the job for an unknown period of time and decided that was my moment. So, I signed up and got started. Yeah, that was the beginning of it all– started a, you know, company in the middle of a pandemic, but it worked out really well.

Nicole Vienneau  04:52

That’s taking a leap of faith, right?

Lauren Briggs  04:54


Nicole Vienneau  04:55

Yeah. Liz, how about you?

Liz White  04:58

Similarly, I had a past colleague who had heard about it and approached me and said she thought it would be perfect for me. She knows that I do some work in Nursing education, and she knows that I’m a really strong advocate for chronic illness awareness and women’s health for my own personal lived experience. Sent it to me, and she was like, “I feel like you’re the perfect person to do this.”

And at the time, I was kind of just like in a, I don’t know, I think we all can say we’ve been in like that funk before. I was kind of in a funk with my career, and just trying to figure out what I wanted to do. And I looked into the INCA program, and I think I started it less than a week after I looked into it. I checked it out, I talked to a few people I had connected with over social media that had done it, and then I just went for it.

Nicole Vienneau  05:49

And the rest is history, right?

Liz White  05:51

The rest is history. Yes.

Nicole Vienneau  05:53

I love it. Chelsea, what’s your story?

Chelsea McGee  05:56

So, I came to the field of Integrative Nurse Coaching just about two years ago. I was kind of at a crossroads in my life. All transparency, I had actually moved back in with my parents. I had just turned 30 and didn’t imagine kind of being at that point at the age of 30– living in my parents’ guest bedroom. But I had moved back, I was living in Jersey, I was a baby Nurse, only a Nurse for about a year.

I started off in the ER during the pandemic. So, I had just gotten off orientation and the pandemic hits. So, that was, um, that was pretty wild. It was a wild ride. And I went through some life changes, and it took me back to Michigan– back to my roots. And, you know, I was really just reflecting on what I wanted to do. And in the ER, the one thing– I loved it, I love the adrenaline.

I’ve always kind of been an adrenaline junkie. I’ve calmed down a little bit. But you know, there were a lot of things that I loved, and I learned so much. But the one thing that I would leave at the end of the day just feeling like I didn’t get enough time with the patient. And I wanted to provide them with a higher level of support.

And when you’re timed, when the doctor puts in the discharge orders and, you know, have 5 to 10 minutes to get them out the door, it was… it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. So, I had the opportunity to have a remote position once I got back up to Michigan to kind of figure out where I wanted to live, what I wanted to do. And one day in August, the light bulb just kind of switched on.

And I was working with a client, educating him on diabetes and collaborating care amongst providers, and I was like: oh my gosh, this is exactly what I want to do. How do I do this all the time? And I started Googling and I came to the program and just, you know, took the risk and just… I hadn’t… I didn’t know I was gonna have a job after that in Nurse Coaching, but I just knew it was my purpose, and I went for it.

Liz White  08:03

I can relate, too. I’m a past ER Nurse. Most of my experience is actually in the ER and that was one of the biggest things I related to, is not having time with patients or, you know, people who clearly had some form of chronic disease. But in the ER there’s nothing we could really do for them if they were stable, you know? There were so many cool things I learned in the ER, there were so many great things about it, but yeah, that was… I related to that.

Lauren Briggs  08:27

We’re going three for three here. I was also an ER Nurse.

Chelsea McGee  08:32

There you go!

Lauren Briggs  08:32

What a coincidence!

Liz White  08:34

That is so funny.

Lauren Briggs  08:35

Burned out ER Nurse.

Chelsea McGee  08:39

I knew that’s what it was heading for. So, yeah, it was, you know, just kind of looking at the things that happen in life that we can let define us when we’re going through hardship and just rough seasons of life. But turning that into something positive to bring back to the world. I think, you know, that’s what each of us have done. And hopefully for the listeners, you just… you take that risk and know there’s a higher calling and this movement is growing, and people need us.

Nicole Vienneau  09:09

That’s right. People do need Nurse Coaches. They need Nurses and Nurse Coaches. Nurses who are Nurse Coaches, right? Yeah. So, I do have to just point out that I am not an ER Nurse, so I’m hoping I can still stay on this call with you.

Chelsea McGee  09:24

You’re kicked off, Nicole! We’re taking over!

Nicole Vienneau  09:27

I am a recovering burnt-out Intensive Care Nurse.

Liz White  09:31

Oh my gosh, you guys were my favorite, though.

Chelsea McGee  09:33

Yeah. You’re even more badass. What are you talking about?

Liz White  09:37

I brought all the really, really sick patients to you. I was like: here you go and I’m sorry and best of luck.

Nicole Vienneau  09:45

Well, we loved our ER Nurses and I still do. I still love all Nurses for sure.

Okay, so let’s jump into a little bit more about this Nurse Coach Entrepreneur kind of thing. And so, I’m curious to know what called you to decide to bring your Nursing skills and your Nurse Coaching skills into the world of entrepreneurship?

Lauren Briggs  10:11

I’ll jump in. So, I am a mom of two young boys. They are currently homeschooled by me, as well. So, I knew that I needed something that was really flexible. And that was, you know, a big deciding factor for me, whether I wanted to work for someone else or I wanted to work for myself.

And I decided to open up my own private practice, because I knew I could have that flexibility of still being with them during the day. And then working with people after working hours, which worked out really well for my clients. And I could see them on, you know, weekend mornings or after work. And so, it worked out really well that I had the flexibility that I needed to still be a mom and have my career, as well.

Liz White  10:54

I can jump in. I have, kind of like I said, I’ve been looking for a way to work with chronically ill women. I have just been through a lot with multiple chronic illnesses myself, and there’s just not a lot of support in navigating our healthcare and trying to manage your symptoms. You go to one specialist who throws this medication at you, you go to the other specialists who throws another medication at you.

And no one teaches you there is like a, you know, stress related component to chronic pain or managing certain symptoms, you know, or just support in general, because being chronically ill is really hard. I have an immunodeficiency and Ehlers-Danlos and endometriosis and a few other things. So, I’ve been through it all, and that really… you know, the last few years has really made me realize what a hole there is in that type of care. And it’s non-existent.

So, when I saw this opportunity, I was like: this could be a really cool way to be able to provide that kind of support for people who so desperately need it. Like, I have talked to so many women who are just ready to like give up on feeling better because they have felt unwell for so long. And that’s just… it’s just really unfortunate, you know?

Chelsea McGee  10:54

So, before I even knew Integrative Nurse Coaching was a thing, you know, I had mentioned I was living in New Jersey in 2019, part of 2020, and I had my Nursing job in the ER and then I also had another job working for a mental health nonprofit company. And I met this wonderful healer who is now one of my absolute best friends and co-founder of Nightingale Holistic Health.

And we would take long drives in New Jersey, North and South and East and West. And we would just talk about what we wanted to see happen in the healthcare system– really getting to the root cause. We were seeing a lot of clients who were mentally ill, using substances, homeless, and we felt it was so important to treat each individual using that holistic approach.

Taking into consideration, you know, their environment, their past traumas, their social circle, everything we learn in our program– social health, mental health, physical, spiritual, and we would… oh my gosh, we connected so deeply on that level. And we started talking about, you know, one day in the future, we’re going to have our own business together and do exactly what we want.

And then, you know, we each had our full time jobs. Michelle also has another side business. She is a licensed counselor. So, she kind of brings… well she does bring in the mental health aspect. And she’s also a Master Herbalist. So, we’ve teamed up forces and yeah, we’re just excited to kind of bring this holistic approach out into the communities.

Nicole Vienneau  13:58

This is exciting, isn’t it?

Chelsea McGee  14:00

It’s very exciting. It pumps me up! It fuels me!

Nicole Vienneau  14:03

It is. And I think of Nurses and just how many skills they have, how much knowledge, wisdom, experience, story, all the things they see and connecting with a human on a daily basis. And then just their life in general and combining all of those things with the new skills of Nurse Coaching is an amazing thing.

It’s an amazing strength to have, and pulling in all of these holistic modalities instead of the, you know, one size fits all approach and really focusing in on what’s important to your clientele. So, I’d love to know a little bit more about your focus and exactly what it is that you want to do and what patient… not patients, but what population are you really looking to serve?

Liz White  14:53

Well, I can say that, like I said, my practice is really geared towards women with chronic illness, just because it’s a very… can be a very isolating place, a very lonely place, it’s kind of taboo to talk about it sometimes. And I really see it as like a blessing that I have this medical background, I’ve worked in ER, but I’ve worked in a few other Nursing specialties.

So, I’ve got to learn about a lot of different disease processes. And then I have my own lived experience. So, kind of combining the tools I’ve learned from Nurse Coaching, and a lot of my clients, I incorporate some pain and fatigue pacing, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. But there’s actually a ton of research on it. It’s awesome. I’ve had really good feedback on it.

You know, a lot of people get chronically ill, and they, you know, they’re like: Oh, my God, I used to run 10ks and now I can barely get off the couch. So, kind of like that encouragement of you can start moving again. It’s gonna look different, but you can and we can set goals, and this is how we can do it.

And like the nutritional component, and the environmental component, like Chelsea said, looking at all those things. I love using mindfulness. I love DBT. Recently, I’ve been getting into tapping or EFT which also I’ve had really great feedback on. A couple of my chronically ill clients have really, really loved that.

I myself have really enjoyed learning about it and practicing it. And then like I had said, I do work in education. I’m taking a break this semester. But I worked as adjunct faculty for the last four years. So, I see and of course I remember, although it was 10 years ago, I remember all the stress of Nursing school.

And I feel like Nursing students really need that encouragement of how to care for themselves so that they can care for others. So, I really saw a great opportunity for Nurse Coaching to kind of be just incorporated into the role. I’m already in there. So, that’s kind of where I’m at.

Nicole Vienneau  16:49

Would anyone else like to share who their clients are and who they’re working with?

Lauren Briggs  16:53

So, I specialize in migraines, hormones, and gut health, and I use patient education with helping them to make their own decisions about their healthcare. And I specialize in vitamins, herbal supplements, homeopathy, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

And using a combination of all of those, or maybe you just choose one of those roads to go down or maybe two. I’m also a certified homeopath. And I’m working towards a certification in Functional Medicine Nursing, as well, currently with INCA as well. So, that’s my specialty.

Liz White  17:28

I’m doing the Functional Medicine course, too.

Lauren Briggs  17:30

It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Liz White  17:31

It’s great. Yeah, I really like it. I’m learning a lot.

Chelsea McGee  17:34

So, this podcast episode caught me at a very interesting time in my life. It is officially week one of being free from corporate America, and spending my time and energy… Yes, it was a long time coming. It’s just interesting how things align just as they’re supposed to when you get over that fear. So, I took the plunge just like I did with the Nurse Coach Academy and starting that program.

And I’m really excited to just reflect more and kind of figure out, you know, where I’m being guided in the communities. After I completed the Nurse Coach program, once I was connected with the alumni, I remember getting an email, I believe it was probably last August or September, to enroll in a sound healing class. So, I thought that was super interesting. And I was lucky enough, my corporate job at the time actually helped me cover that.

So, I was like: alright, why not? And I completed that in a few weekends, and I just finished. Well, I completed my set of seven crystal quartz frosted singing bowls. So, my plan over the next few weeks is just to get out in the community and, you know, network with yoga studios and senior citizens, apartment complexes and you know, wherever else I’m, like I said, I’m being guided.

It’s just… it’s interesting. It’s what, day three, I turned my laptop in last Friday and things are already moving forward just in the last few days. And then Nicole, I get a Facebook message from you, I think on Monday, inviting me to be on this podcast. I’m like: alright, this is awesome. This is very, very exciting.

So, what I love the most when I work with clients, you know, doing integrative Nurse Coaching, holistic health coaching– I feel like there are so many names for it. I always tell people it’s like life coaching mixed with the background of an RN. But I love mindset coaching.

I love empowering people and getting them to realize, you know, how limitless we are and how we can self heal and not become reliant and dependent on pharmaceuticals and authority figures telling us what we need and what we have to do. So, I think epigenetics and neurogenesis and, you know, creating new neural pathways in the brain, I think all of it is so exciting. And yeah, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

Nicole Vienneau  20:09

Well, I’m loving where all of this is going, because it’s very exciting. I can hear each of your voices filled with passion and excitement and hope for the future in the ways that you are really using your gifts to bring into the world. So, thank you for sharing all of your passion. And, you know, Nurse entrepreneurship, any entrepreneurship, has its struggles.

So, I’m curious to know, and I know our listeners are curious too, what has been the most challenging part of getting into this business mindset or starting your business?

Lauren Briggs  20:46

I think the most challenging part was figuring it all out. There’s so much paperwork and legality and creating in LLC. Things I’ve never done before. So, that was… that took a good majority of my time in the beginning to just put it all on paper and figure out what I wanted to do. And creating a website– that was a challenge all in itself that I never thought I would do.

But you know, it took me about probably three months to come up with all that and get my ducks in a row. And then, you know, I was able to have everything out there and get started, and that was really exciting. So, I think that was the biggest challenge, was just the paperwork.

Liz White  21:23

Yeah, I always think about how there’s no business class in Nursing school, not one. So, when I finished the Nurse Coaching class, or I was nearing the end of it, I was like: what on earth? Like, how do I get this started? And I found some… there’s actually a lot of free resources out there through government websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

So, I did find some resources in that. And I talked to people in the community I knew who were… like a physical therapist I know who owns her own business, and kind of just… I did a lot of self teaching. And that was the hard part. And I would say, honestly, it’s still a little tough to find clients, I think mostly because Nurse Coaching isn’t necessarily reimbursed by insurance if you’re working independently.

And that can be a huge barrier for people. So, that’s something I’m trying to work on making less of a barrier for my clients. But I would say those are probably kind of the two biggest things for me, is where the heck do I start? And like Lauren said, what paperwork do I fill out?

Because there’s so much paperwork, and I remember calling the business bureau, or whoever, in my state and being like, did I fill this section out right? And they were like: no. Okay, walk me through this. And I think they were great, thankfully, like, he processed it immediately once it was fixed. Yeah, it’s just kind of funny trying to figure those ins and outs.

Chelsea McGee  22:44

Yeah, I had some similar challenges to you, Liz, and you as well, Lauren. Another challenge was– so, nothing against the mitten state, I love my home state of Michigan, but when we first applied for LLC, it was bounced back several times because the state of Michigan did not recognize that an RN could own her own business without the supervision of a medical doctor. So, that was an interesting challenge.

And that took us… it was over a month of like back and forth and they thought that we were trying to prescribe medications and we tried to tell them that we were helping people get off of medications and heal from the inside out. So, those were some interesting conversations. And in addition to that, just you know, time.

Like I mentioned, I took the risk a few weeks ago and I put in my notice. I loved my job. I was working at a corporate wellness facility. I was able to do integrative Nurse Coaching, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do with Nightingale. So, you know, now I’m at the point where I’m ready to spend my energy doing things that mean the most to me and not confined to the limitations or the rules and regulations of a clinic.

And in addition to that, owning the business with my dear friend Michelle, who also has a full time job and then another business. So, finding the time on the weekends to meet up on Zoom and plan things out and, you know, make sure that we’re aligned on everything.

So it’s, again, too, when you put all that time and energy into something and then you have to pivot, it really challenges you and it’s a lesson and, you know, is this meant for you? Do you want to keep going?

And it’s like, the more resilient you are just knowing that it is your purpose and it’s all gonna work out at some point and the stars will align even if it’s, you know, setbacks and lesson after lesson but it’s coming together. So, I also wanted to mention, for anyone interested or who’s in the Nurse Coach Academy right now, we do have the Business for Nurse Coaches. Is that correct, Nicole? Is that the title of it? Or the name?

Nicole Vienneau  25:08


Chelsea McGee  25:08

Because I would recommend that. I wish I had that when I graduated. I don’t think that was an option. But oh, that would have saved me a lot of time.

Lauren Briggs  25:16

I’m with you there, Chelsea. I wish I would have had that course available to me. I would have been in such better shape.

Nicole Vienneau  25:25

Yes. It’s such a great course. It’s called The Business of Nurse Coaching. And definitely I’ll put a link in the show notes so people can look there.

Liz White  25:36

I was thinking about something Chelsea said, too, about starting a business, that I wasn’t prepared for, is the time. Like, I used to… you know, because I’m still working at my per diem job, I pretty much work part-time hours, and I have a child.

So, I’d be listening to these random business free courses while I was doing the dishes at nine o’clock at night when my son was in bed, or like, looking up videos of how to fill out the paperwork I needed. And it really does take quite a bit of time.

And then the website, like Lauren said. So, that’s something I would definitely say that you have to budget your time for that part of things, but it’s great once you get past it.

Lauren Briggs  26:15

Yeah, it’s great if you’re going for the certification too, because you can kind of do those things together, where you prepare for your certification– you’re waiting for it, anyways– and you work out your business plan. And then, you know, hopefully, in a couple months, you’ve got everything together, ready to go.

Nicole Vienneau  26:31

Nice idea. But it is, you know, a whole new world for Nurses to think that they can actually have a business, right? I mean, Liz, you mentioned we never took a Nursing business course.

Liz White  26:47

Not one!

Nicole Vienneau  26:48

Not one. Right. And so we are learning these things. But yet, Nurses are so prepared to own their own businesses. There is so much wisdom in a Nurse, and so much human interaction. I mean, no one can really take care of a fellow human like a Nurse can.

And plus, Nurses are the, you know, most ethically sound and trusted profession in the Gallup polls for like, over 20 years. So, who wouldn’t want to work and partner with a Nurse and, you know, pay them for their service and knowledge? Right?

Liz White  27:23

I know, I just think of, you know, I’m only 30, and I think of just how much– I’ve worked in healthcare since I was 19. I was an ER tech, that was my first job– and I just think about, like, how much I’ve seen in 11 years, and how many people I’ve interacted with. Like, when you think about that, it’s wild.

Nicole Vienneau  27:41

It is wild. And we are so privileged to be able to hear people’s stories and learn from them and gather up all of this knowledge so that when we’re ready, and we want to start a business, we can. So, I appreciate all of your thoughts about that.

Because it can be challenging. It can also be very overwhelming. And yet there are all these other great things, as well. So, I’d love to know what has had the biggest impact on your overall growth as a Nurse and Nurse Coach since you decided to become a Nurse Entrepreneur?

Liz White  28:19

I feel like I can answer that really fast. So, becoming a Nurse Coach, taking the class, really forced me to take a step back and look inside myself and be like: what am I doing to manage my physical health, my mental health, my spiritual wellbeing while I’m taking care of all these other people?

And then I’m like: wait, if I’m gonna be giving people advice on how to do this, I should maybe be doing it, too. Not that I didn’t have somewhat of a self-care routine before, but it totally changed my perspective on that part of things.

Chelsea McGee  28:58

Oh my gosh, spot on, Liz. I could not agree more. I didn’t realize that when I was registering for the program that I was also registering to really reflect on, you know, my habits and everything that we learn to help people. I think for the longest time, even just looking back on my childhood and growing up, I knew that I wanted to help people.

But until we really take a look at ourselves, we can’t help people in the best possible way. But when we decide and make the choice to do that inner healing, whether it’s, you know, working through past traumas, looking at our limiting beliefs and shifting our thought processes, looking at our daily routines, what are we eating? How are the foods that we are consuming affecting our mental health?

So, it was like, gosh, eight months of therapy and learning for me, all at once, and it was an incredible transformative journey and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And now I have the opportunity to work for INCA as an admissions specialist.

And, you know, I tell all of the Nurses who I get a chance to speak with, I’m like: you won’t regret this. Even though you might not have a job lined up afterward, just do this and things will align just as they should. And I think that’s what happens in life, even aside from Nurse Coaching, is knowing that you are being divinely guided and having faith that, you know, you’re on the right path.

Liz White  30:37

I am big fan of your positive energy. I need you to send me your positive energy all day. Can we set that up?

Chelsea McGee  30:47

I’m waving my fingers at you, Liz! I know you can’t see me, but I’m sending you so much good energy.

Liz White  30:53

Thank you!

Nicole Vienneau  30:54

Send some energy out to everybody, will ya? Chelsea, wiggle your fingers.

Chelsea McGee  30:58

I am wiggling my fingers all around!

Nicole Vienneau  31:00

To our listeners, to everybody.

Chelsea McGee  31:04

Yes, that’s what it’s all about, is uplifting and raising our consciousness and making this world a better place. And we can, and we will.

Lauren Briggs  31:12

Absolutely. So yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Everything that I recommend, I try myself. I won’t recommend it if I haven’t. You know, I don’t know if all the listeners know this, but as you go through the course, you coach each other to practice. And for myself, I’m still in touch with my coach and we still, you know, have meetings and work with each other.

So, you know, it’s an ongoing process. It never ends. It’s not like: oh, I’m all better, everything’s better. Problems still arise, and you always need someone to talk to about it. The biggest impact, I would say, though, for growth in my business, has been word of mouth, overall.

You know, it’s the recommendations, it’s the people who tell a friend, and then the friend calls you and they’re like: wow, you helped so-and-so, can you help me? And so, it’s really been the expansion, you know, that’s the only way that my business has been thriving, is through helping people and then they recommend someone else. And then I get to help them, as well. It’s very rewarding.

Liz White  32:12

I love what you mentioned about working with other students. They call them the triads and the dyad groups. I learned so much from my peers. And it’s so funny, like, when you sit and listen to someone else, or when someone listens to you, it’s like sometimes the solutions they would come up with to what I was trying to accomplish were so simple and smart that I was just like: why couldn’t I think of that for myself?

It’s kind of funny, but it’s just like… the wisdom that comes out of Nurse Coaches is so interesting.

Lauren Briggs  32:46

It’s true. That’s actually why I named my company Practical Medicine, because it’s practical, because it is so simple, because it’s the things that we do every day that make the biggest difference.

Liz White  32:56

That’s so true.

Lauren Briggs  32:58

I just leaned right into it.

Chelsea McGee  33:00

That’s awesome. I could not agree more. I think my favorite part was the supervision groups. I just remember, I was so nervous, even just at the start, with doing the awareness practices, how we all had to take turns. I don’t know if you guys did that in your groups, but we did. And I had never led a meditation or breath work.

And I typed it up in a Word document. I’m like: alright, this is what I’m going to say. And I’m going to pretend like I’m not reading from the screen. And my voice was trembling, probably. And I was going so fast. And my Nursing supervisor was so sweet, it was Jan Booth, and she gave me some good feedback. And she said: okay, just next time, just try to go a little bit slower.

And I’m like: Oh, my God, I know that it was so fast, it probably made people more anxious. But now, like, I don’t have a template, I just… you know, it’s that presence, and it’s that confidence that you learn within the program that builds you up. And just looking back, I’m like: wow, I was… yeah, I was a little newbie, but you know, it takes time, and you just have to be vulnerable and open to receiving that constructive feedback.

Liz White  34:07

Very well said.

Nicole Vienneau  34:07

So good. So good. I’m just enjoying this. I’m just soaking up all of your positive energies. And I know our listeners are– all of this fun stuff about the program itself, right? And the transformation that you each have witnessed in yourself. And I, too, had that experience as well, very much. And I continue to do the work every day in order to maintain my energy, in order to maintain my presence, in order to just sprinkle love all over the world. So, I love this.

So, before… we have a few more minutes and I always love to ask this final question, and you might take a moment to just think about what the answer is, which is: what is on your heart that you would love to share with fellow Nurses out there who are maybe considering becoming an entrepreneur, or just in general? What is on your heart that you’d like to express to Nurses?

Chelsea McGee  35:12

The first thing that comes to my mind is just go for it. There’s a reason that you’re listening right now, there’s a reason that you’re probably already looking into the program. I believe that it is truly up to us, as Nurses, to shift the paradigm. We’re already seeing it. And, you know, there’s a lot of people out there that need our help.

You could think of so many reasons to not do the program, and to not start a business, but once you know that this is what you’re supposed to do, and you’re called to do it, you just have to go for it and believe that it’s all going to work out– just like I mentioned before– just as it should.

And things will align for you. Just have faith, take the risk, you will be supported in this journey. There are wonderful Nurses– everyone that’s part of INCA, that I have come across, is just absolutely amazing. You’re going to be supported, you’re gonna get everything that you need. Just do it. We’re here to support you.

Lauren Briggs  36:16

I could not agree more, Chelsea. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re helping people, feeling fulfilled in your career, not being burned out anymore. I mean, it’s been a life changer for me, as well. So, I definitely hear you on that. I think that Nurse Coaching is the future of Nursing. You know, I see a Nurse in every doctor’s office, and I feel like people will know and understand this term very soon.

The word is getting out there, and people are starting to realize what is Nurse Coaching and what impact it does make on health, on your everyday life. Everyone should have a Nurse Coach, in my opinion. And I see, at some point, that it will probably be even covered by insurance. So, you know, then it will really be solidified how important and impactful we are.

Liz White  37:07

I completely agree with everything both of you just said. Especially agree with you, Lauren, about saying, you know, feeling fulfilled in your career. I mean, now, when I meet with clients for the first time, I get to get a sense of who they are and what their goals are, and kind of almost look in my toolbox and be like: alright, what can I do to help you reach these goals?

And give them options, you know, and support and encouragement and spend time with them. Like, I didn’t realize how much… I mean, I can’t say I didn’t realize, but like, now I realize even more how much I really enjoy being able to spend time with people and just letting people talk.

Because when people are going through something with their health, they just need someone to understand a lot of the time. And like both of you said, healthcare is changing. And I think a lot of people are realizing, too, that healthcare is changing. There’s so many ways we can use Nurse Coaching and we can make a huge impact in so many people’s lives. And yeah, right there with both of you on agreeing with that.

Chelsea McGee  38:10

Can I add one more thing? It’s not really from me, it’s from Florence Nightingale. Because I remember when I was toward the end of the program, and I opened up the textbook– the Nurse Coaching Integrative Approaches for Health and Wellbeing– I had like the biggest aha moment of all time. And my textbook was right in front of me, I flipped it open just now.

And I feel like if Florence was sitting here right now, this is what she would say. So, she was quoted in the 1870s saying: “It will take 150 years for the world to see the kind of Nursing I envision.” What Florence envisioned is what’s happening now in the Integrative Nurse Coaching. And it is 2022, it’s exactly… well, it’s 152 years, but you know, about 150 years. So, this is a movement and it is growing, and I think it’s what Florence wanted.

Nicole Vienneau  39:07

I love it. It is what Florence wanted. And it’s what all humans want as well. To be seen, to be heard, to be with, to be loved. Yes. Alright, my friends, our time is drawing to a close. So, I’d love to know how people can find you. And of course we’re going to share all of your links in our show notes. But Liz, let’s start with you. Where can people find you if they’re looking for you?

Liz White  39:35

So, I am most active on Instagram, and it’s literally just @chronic.nurse. And then my website is chronicnurse.com There’s a contact form. Tons of information. I have attempted a Facebook page but someone keeps hacking it, so that is non-existent at the moment. But the Instagram and the website are there.

Lauren Briggs  39:58

So, I have a practice in downtown Stamford, Connecticut, so you can always come by there. If you want to find me online, it’s practical-medicine.com. On Instagram: @practicalmedicineLLC, and on Facebook, as well. And you can message me there, send me an email, you know, I’m always up to chat about Nurse Coaching or any other needs you might have.

Chelsea McGee  40:18

So, Nightingale Holistic Health is on Instagram and Facebook, as well. And we also have a website that we’ll be updating within the next week or so. And on Instagram, it’s just @nightingaleholistichealth, all one together, no numbers or dashes or anything. And then on Facebook: Nightingale Holistic Health. There are two, though. There’s one in the UK. Ours is a logo of a bird. So, that’s how you can find us.

Nicole Vienneau  40:46

Wonderful. So, listeners, please reach out to these amazing Nurse Coaches, Nurse Entrepreneurs, amazing humans. And I am so thankful that you were able to spend time with us today.

Liz White  40:54

Thank you so much.

Chelsea McGee  40:54

Thank you so much, Nicole.

Lauren Briggs  40:57

Thank you for having us.

Chelsea McGee  41:03

And thank you, Liz and Lauren, as well. So nice to meet you both. And you, Nicole.

Liz White  41:12

It was great to chat with all of you. Thank you so much, Nicole, for putting this together.

Lauren Briggs  41:16

Thank you.

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