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Karen Avino and Ronald Kanka

7 Inspiring Reasons to become a Nurse Coach

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing burnout has been a pervasive problem.  Now, nurses have reached a new peak of exhaustion. Research has shown that nurses suffering from burnout syndrome in hospital systems often attribute

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Yoga Nurse
Lisa Landis

Introducing Yoga for Nurses!

Introducing Yoga for Nurses – Yoga designed specifically for nurses has been a long time coming. You are in the right place at Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.

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Nicole Vienneau

30 Questions to Spark Change

As Integrative Nurse Coaches, we are often seeking to spark change in our clients, so it’s a good practice to have some questions in your back pocket when your client begins to use ‘change talk’

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Nicole Vienneau

Let Go, Nurse Coach

Let Go, Nurse Coach, it’s always easier said than done, and yet, as I have learned through my 10 years as a board-certified Integrative Nurse Coach, letting go of someone else’s outcome is so freeing!

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Lisa Landis

Growing Holistic Leadership in Nursing

Although not a brand-new issue, the nursing shortage has taken a toll on our healthcare system including current nurses and our communities. So how do we cope with that when we love nursing so much?

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Nicole Vienneau

Listening with HEART in Nurse Coaching

There is a 5-Step Process Integrative Nurse Coaches flow through when partnering with patients, clients, and communities. It isn’t a linear, step by step process, it’s more circular and interchangeable as a session and partnership

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Nicole Vienneau

The Art of Nurse Aesthetics

As we practice as Nurse Coaches and Nurses, we bring our whole selves into each interaction. We do some of these practices with deliberate intention, while others have just become habits. Perhaps you, listen to

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Thank you, Nurse Coach!

For many years as an ICU Nurse, I had a side gig (and still do) as a group fitness instructor.   Honestly, it was one outlet