Nurse Coach: A Clients Perspective from Rhonda Nesbitt

Nurse Coach: A Clients Perspective from Rhonda Nesbitt

I was so humbled to receive this heart felt testimony from one of my clients.  Nurse Coaching really does change lives!

“In the past two years, I have often wonder what it will take to find that perfect person to understand my very unique situation. To find a health care professional that is knowledgeable and more concerned about their clients/patients than their wallet is surprisingly hard to come by. You know- someone who cares, is nurturing, who wants to help, and is actually listening to me. I didn’t think that was too much to ask as for as I tore through doctors, specialists and therapists. 

I was losing hope fast and getting no where with these individuals. My life was quickly slipping out of my hands and I saw the end in the near future. In November 2020 I found my light. I came across Nurse Coach Rhonda not by coincidence.

This relationship was meant to be and we were bound to work together. She is EXACTLY what I need. I reached out to her via email and she set up a phone call to get a little background history on me. Talking to her over the phone I felt a sense of… relief. Her voice was calm and reassuring and she was gentle with her words and knowledgeable on the subject. She did not rush me; she let me talk and took her time with our conversation, and I could tell she was listening. I was immediately attracted to the idea of working with her just from that. 

I have been dealing with anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, suicidal ideations, family issues and other person problems most of my life. I have not been well for most of my life.  Constantly tired, bad allergies, injuries that won’t heal, and in an overall constant state of malaise. 

I have never had much direction. It’s been me, myself and I most of my life just trying to figure it out, but not anymore. I had covid in March 2020 and it changed my life completely. I was no longer physically, mentally, and emotionally “me” anymore. This virus destroyed me. 

As Rhonda and I like to say, covid “tipped the bucket.” It was the cherry on top. It was the peak of disaster in my body and I was desperate for a help. I thought I was going to die for most of 2020. Everyday felt like I was creeping slower to death. 

For most of the year I searched from someone to help me with my debilitating post covid symptoms, and like I mentioned before, no one had a clue on what to do with me. Telling Rhonda all of this, she and I made a game plan of what we could do together to find my healing path.

Ahhh. Finally. Someone with a PLAN and goals to achieve in bite sized portions. Someone ready to take the bull by the horns and someone who is willing to help me find the ANSWERS to why this is happening to me and what I can do to get me better. First- physical health. 

Rhonda has been extremely knowledgeable, proactive and thorough by walking me through step by step what is happening and what can be done to get better. She reassures me that she is right here and always a phone call away.

Rhonda looks at “why” is this happening? She looks at my body as one whole system working together. She has taught me how to control my anxiety thought meditation and breathing techniques, and she has helped me with stomach issues by assisting in getting my diet on track. She helps me with my aches and pains by suggesting remedies such epsom salt baths 3 times a week or as needed and it really helps! She has explained that the reason I am feeling this way is from past mold exposure, toxins in my system, past diseases, and toxins in my products and environment – and the way to get them out through epsom salt baths, saunas, supplements, sleep, proper diet, and getting the mind right, to name a few.

She has educated me on the detrimental effects of candles, wall scent plug in’s and wax burners that have been a family staple for most of my life. She has informed me on the toxins that are in my daily products like deodorant, perfume, lotions, etc. She has helped me with my diet and sleep habits and to listen to my body and not over do it. I am turning the corner. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am almost there. Everyone before her brushed me off and told me there was no hope. They were wrong.

Second- mental and spiritual health. This is a big one. My mental health was shot. Rhonda is helping me rebuild it by giving me tools like breathing techniques, meditation and teaching me how to see things from a different lens that I was not accustomed to looking through. She is teaching me the importance of loving myself first.  

Rhonda has opened my eyes to things I have never been able to see in myself- just by meaningful conversation.

She will ask me “well why do you feel that way, why did you do that? What can you do to change that?” I realize the answers are in me, and she helps me get them out and makes sense of things. She helps me recognize what needs work and what doesn’t. Since working with Rhonda I no longer feel hopeless. I no longer feel exhausted. I no longer feel useless. I am in the drivers seat, and she is riding right next to me, forever.

She is the most genuine, caring, kind, confident, and intelligent person I have ever met. Her outlook on life is extraordinary and she cares for me in a way no one ever has. She puts in the time and effort out of her schedule to be there for me. She wants me to be well. She wants to help. She wants me to live, and she makes it known. I often ask myself what I have done to deserve someone like Rhonda in my life.

I guess all I can say is God is good and so is Rhonda. Truly blessed beyond belief to have her by my side and helping me through my struggles. I pray everyone finds their Rhonda… it’s essential.”

Nurse Coach: A Clients Perspective From Rhonda Nesbitt
Rhonda Nesbitt
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