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Osage Nurse Coaching- Farm-Based Center for Health and Healing

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As a nurse coach, I work with nurses, individuals, groups, and communities seeking experiences of healing and wholeness. My practice, Osage Nurse Coaching, provides a farm-based center for healing. Inspired by the work of Kentucky author and poet Wendell Berry related to culture and agriculture, I believe that being connected to the rhythms and seasons of the farm can inspire others on their journey to wholeness and well being. Farms and farming can teach us about health and healing.

Nurse Coaching in End of Life Care

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Nurse coaching is a collaborative effort between a nurse coach and an individual, family or community to assist in reaching the client’s health goals. Hospice care is a supportive program that provides comfort care to individuals who have a life threatening illness with no medical cure. The emphasis is on the client living their life to its fullest- based on that individual’s definition of fullest- and learning how to navigate the final stages of life as that person envisions it.

Do We Hear or Do Anything?

A Critical Care Nurse is tasked with life saving abilities, instant critical thinking, constant alarms, alerts and the pressure of attending to the unrelenting needs of patients, families, and colleagues. So remembering to insert joy in our day seems like it might remain at the bottom of our ‘to do’ list.

Children’s Food Preferences

With the Spring Holidays, Easter, and Passover right around the corner, children are showered with treats and sweets- making for a challenging time for parents to keep their kids on healthy diets.

Children’s food preferences have a huge influence on their food intake. Most likely we were all told at one point that, “You can’t leave the table before you clean your plate!” And we all remember how well that tactic worked in getting us to eat our greens – not very well.