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Happy Nurse Coach pointing to her Sacred Virtual Space computer screen

Create a Sacred Virtual Space

Going virtual is a whole new avenue for creating a sacred space, but it can be done easily with a few simple adjustments.  Creating a sacred virtual space is easy!  This blog contains many things to consider

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conscious dying

Conscious Dying and Nurse Coaching: an Inspiring Reflection

When I stood up to give my ‘elevator speech’ at the end of Cohort 4 (2012), I said I wanted to bring together my passion for end-of-life work into this new skillset of nurse coaching. Like many of you have experienced, it’s been interesting to see how this work is unfolding post-INCCP…and what opportunities have come my way over the years. In early 2019, I was asked to be part of the faculty for the Conscious Dying Institute (CDI), based in Boulder, CO, but with programs around the country.

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