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Being a board-certified Nurse Coach Entrepreneur has created opportunities that I longed for in my nursing career.  For over 15 years as a critical care Nurse, I struggled with our healthcare system that isn’t set up to allow for meaningful conversations and true, sustainable connections to patients.  Plus, it focuses on disease, and I wish there were no disease, so prevention is very important to satisfaction as a healthcare provider.

Creating my own Nurse Coach business called Blue Monarch Health, PLLC allows me to practice as a Nurse who has time to share meaningful moments, to listen with great care and presence, and to partner with clients to help them discover their true health.  We focus on preventing and mitigating disease, instead of treating it and this hope brings clients power.

One way I do this is through small group education and coaching.  I attended the first International Nurse Coach (INCA) and Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) functional nutrition educational collaboration.  Using the skills, concepts and tools I learned there, I established a small group coaching model to increase personal client discovery and growth.  We use the IFM’s Elimination Food Plan coupled with Nurse Coaching skills, education facilitation, and group member support to enhance a personalized understanding of how food affects participants health.

Small groups boost socialization and awareness by sharing ideas, stories, motivation and accountability, plus, it is fun!  As a Nurse Coach nothing is more satisfying than witnessing a ‘light bulb moment’; when a client truly grasps the impact that nutrition has on their body, mind and spirit, AND that they have the power to use nutrition and their own awareness as tools for their best health!

It is exciting to learn that INCA and IFM’s partnership is growing and that Nurse Coaches are using nutrition and functional medicine tools to enhance their client’s health and their own skills as Nurses.  I look forward to our next INCA/IFM collaboration at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA for the Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine for Nurses:  An Integrative Nurse Coach™ Approach April 18-22, 2018.  I’ll be there- will you?  I hope you join us!

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After two decades as an Intensive Care Nurse caring for the sickest of patients, Nicole left the one-size fits all healthcare industry, and created Blue Monarch Health, where she is; Active Aging Specialist, Health Protection Expert and Head Motivator! Instead of waiting for you to get sick, she meets you where you live, work and play, to enhance your health and vitality.

Nicole listens deeply, and takes you by the hand to co-create a health and vitality plan with you, so you can really do it in your life. She is an authentic, heart-centered stick of dynamite, who focuses your energies, builds up your strengths, and leverages your unique gifts!

Nicole Vienneau achieved a Master’s in Nursing Science from the University of Arizona, a board certification in Integrative Nurse Coaching™ from the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, and is Senior Faculty with the Integrative Nurse Coach™ Academy. She is a Functional Aging Specialist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and group fitness instructor and a retired Reebok-sponsored Fitness Athlete.  When she’s not coaching clients or writing blogs, or hosting the Integrative Nurse Coaches in ACTION! Podcast, you can find her teaching active older adult fitness classes, volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association, lounging in the sun with her cat babies, or on a hike with her awesome husband.
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