The Power Of A Decision

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Every… single… decision we make changes the course trajectory of our lives in ways that we cannot possibly fathom.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small and insignificant we deem those decisions to be, they each have gravity to them.

It was October 21, 2020 that I made the decision to hit the submit button on my computer’s keyboard, to apply for a scholarship to the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy for the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Just as it happens when we throw a rock into still waters, the power of our decisions are far reaching. We’re generally able to witness some of the initial ripples made from our decisions, but we can never possibly witness the effects of them all.


I am incredibly grateful for the gift of receiving the scholarship, and being able to experience this program. The information being taught in the course supports, and fully embodies my deepest beliefs regarding myself and others. The program has walked me through the process of being able to continually experience myself at deeper and deeper levels.

The decision to hit that submit button on that late October night has altered my life tremendously… and for the better. These experiences represent just the initial ripples made from me throwing that rock into some still waters.

Now, I have the honor, pleasure and privilege of assisting and witnessing life altering transformations in the lives of so many others.

Witnessing their incredible and moving transformations represent ripples in the water that extend beyond my own. There aren’t enough words or adjectives in the human language that can express the fullness that I feel when leading someone to own all of their inherent strengths.

The ripples in the water continue, as I’ve had the privilege of gaining deep and meaningful friendships with so many wise, wise souls.

There’s no amount of money that can purchase authentic relationships like the ones gifted to me through my relationship with the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.

I don’t promote overthinking anything. I do however, encourage you to never underestimate the power and gravity of a single decision… no matter how small, inconsequential or even great of a decision you’d deem it to be. The ripples are far reaching. I’m witnessing the early ripples made, that are extending from the center of my initial decision.

I caused these ripples to occur through the power of my decision. I can now visualize the possibility of my ripples extending far and wide from that center. I’m excited to witness the unfolding of this journey as my ripples continue to extend, mix and intertwine with the ripples made by all of you.

Yes, for if you’re reading this, our ripples have already intertwined! For that, I am eternally grateful.

Be well!


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