30 Strengths-Based Coaching Questions to Ask Your Clients

A great Integrative Nurse Coach® enhances their clients’, patients’, and community’s strengths.  It’s in your nature to elevate others and help people feel their best!

It’s usually easy for us to rattle off a list of flaws, imperfections, and failings, and perhaps not so easy to disclose positives, celebrations, and attributes.

This is why it’s so important as an Integrative Nurse Coach® to come from a strengths-based perspective, because almost everyone functions better when they focus on the good!

Focusing on what is going well, instead of fixing what’s going wrong is a simple way to enhance personal progress and build trusting relationships which reinforces interconnected successes over time.

I love this quote from poet Mark Nepo:

“We are stronger, gentler, more resilient, and more beautiful than any of us imagine.”

And sometimes we need a loving conversation with an awesome Integrative Nurse Coach® to remind us!

Strengths Based Coaching Questions

30 Strengths-Based Coaching Questions

Here are 30 strengths-based coaching questions to help you support your clients’ full potential.  

See what resonates with you when you read each one, and envision how they’ll support your next coaching conversation! 

  1. Tell me three of your strengths right off the top of your head.
  2. Tell me about how you use one of those strengths in your day?
  3. What do you enjoy doing? (we usually enjoy what we’re good at)
  4. What do you like about yourself?
  5. What’s the last compliment you received? Why do you think they said that?
  6. What are you proud of in your life?
  7. When have you felt most energized? What were you doing?
  8. What positive attributes would your best friend say about you?
  9. What small things do you enjoy the most?
  10. What tasks are always left on your to-do list?
  11. What have you created or brought into the world? Tell me why you devoted your time to that.
  12. What would your colleagues say are your strong points at work?
  13. What do you admire most about yourself?
  14. What situations make you feel alive and excited?
  15. Tell me about a success you’re proud of.
  16. What do you admire most in others? Where are you already doing that in your life?
  17. Tell me about a time you volunteered your skills.
  18. What nice things would a friend say about you when describing you to another person?
  19. Tell me about a challenge you’ve overcome.
  20. What kinds of situations bring out your best?
  21. What specific traits brought you to where you are today in your career?
  22. Imagine yourself as a super-hero, what is your superpower?
  23. What do your friends say they like best about you?
  24. What things come easily to you?
  25. What brings you joy?
  26. What are you passionate about? Why?
  27. Tell me about a time when you felt confident and accomplished. What traits did you use in that situation?
  28. Close your eyes and envision yourself celebrating your success. What are you doing?
  29. How would a loved one describe your legacy?
  30. When you explained that, I noticed you sat up straight & began talking faster, tell me more about this reaction.

Strengths Based Coaching QuestionsWhat other strengths-based questions do you use?  Why have you found them to be effective?

Leave a comment sharing your ideas, I know your comment will spark even more ideas to support people’s health and wellbeing.

You are doing important work.  Keep going!
xo Nicole

Need more thought provoking questions to support your Integrative Nurse Coaching sessions?

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