Finding Hope

I left Harmony Hill reflecting on the days I spent with my fellow AINCP family. Never before have I felt so at home in my own skin.  This experience was different in that it was encompassed by total acceptance, love and commitment.

The sacred space we held for one another was overwhelming at first.  As a nurse, I have lived so long in the midst of chaos and judgement that I completely forgot what it feels like to be in a place that gives me a true sense of belonging, a place that permits me to be me and without hesitation and allows me to love and be loved unconditionally.  A place where brokenness can be healed and hearts mended.

As Nurse Coaches, hope lives in each of us, the hope that we can change ourselves, the hope that we can help other nurses discover their own power and voice and act upon it, and the hope that we can change a broken healthcare system.

Walls and structures cannot contain the healing power of Nurse Coaches, we carry that power anywhere and everywhere we travel.  Our collective intention to heal is our promise to humanity.

Harmony Hill and the Nurse Coach movement is a little piece of heaven.  I finally found my true place of belonging.  I am committed to propel this movement forward and to share this way of being with nurses and the world.


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