Our First International Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach: A Self Reflection

Anah Aikman

My journey on the path towards health and well-being wholeness, has been a remarkable one. What began for me as a search to find answers on how we can better provide healthcare that incorporated the whole, create higher revered and ethical leadership within nursing, and ultimately make this world a better place for all who live on this planet, took me from South Island, New Zealand to New York, USA.

INCA’s Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program was me, or more accurately, my potential, in a nut shell. It was not a fanciful thought or action; it was an instinctual gut feeling and I knew that this was the moment in time that I needed to go with the flow and allow whatever happened, to be open, for it would be a change-maker. I neither questioned nor reasoned the pros and cons, I just knew I needed to be there.

What has transpired has been an incredible journey that absolutely resonated with my being and has been a reflection of the soul. I have found a deep connection with other nurses who strive to make the world a better place, and with them comes their unique stories and perceptions. From the other side of the world, I came and found a community of like-minded visionaries. I celebrate this connection as together we will make a significant, positive difference in so many people’s lives. We will guide the intrinsic drive towards sustained positive change. Together we are one.

I have found my life’s purpose and am most grateful for this.

Today, I am an Integrative Nurse Coach in all I do and I am mindful to continue to learn, grow and self-reflect in many moments. As I become distracted, I remember the importance of breath and take a moment or two, to just breathe and center. Life throws many distractions and challenges at us and I find it remarkable how a moment in awareness changes my perspective and, guided by inner wisdom, allows answers to manifest in acceptance and gratitude.

This is a lifelong journey towards peace and contentment. I am committed to developing the higher levels of the soul through self-reflection and evaluation, for without this we are unable to make the deep connections that are so important for healing. For the betterment of all, I trust the Integrative Nurse Coach process and recognize all those who have contributed, great and small, to this powerful model of holistic care.

Director of Business Operations

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4 Responses

  1. Well done Anah! You’re truly such a professional at what you do and your words are really inspiring- it makes us nurses feel like extra special people. I hope the nursing profession will go from strength to strength, perhaps your initiative could inspire more people to take up the profession. All the best with everything, from one of your work colleagues in Australia.

  2. Anah,
    Thank you for sharing and reminding.
    This is a process, with amazing mentors and marvelous support from nurses internationally.

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