Lisa Tateosian
Lisa T

Nurse Coaching has shifted me personally as well as professionally. In all conversations, I feel I listen better, with intention, and ask powerful questions eliciting a deeper response. Confidence is what first comes to mind. Confidence that I have the tools to help people, not just through a challenging, but to offer tools for them to continue to grow and help themselves. In my personal interactions there is a comfort that has grown from the basic communication skills that have been developed.

No matter what type of nursing being practiced, the skills learned in this course will deepen one’s connection to their patients/clients. Nurses are expected to be responsible for so many aspects of care. With this education the patient/client is brought to the center where they have always been. This course has brought me more confidence and an openness to connection. I feel more aware of what is happening within an interaction, seeing the possibilities of growth and change.

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