Nurse Coaching has given me the opportunity to focus on my own self care which has shown me a greater level of enjoyment in nursing. I have started coaching patients in my current job and seeing how satisfied patients are with the outcomes of their sessions gives me such an enlightened feeling that i haven’t felt in years with Nursing! During this program it has been highlighted how much I put myself last. My practice has suffered from it and I as a person have as well. When I took back control on how I took care of myself and focused on me first before I could help anyone else, it made me realize how important mind body soul really is. It has allowed me to better see my patients as “the whole person,” and not just their ailments or chief complaints. This is a life changing course that I took just at the right time in my life without knowing it. WHat a benefit of taking a course that changes you as a nurse but also evolves you as a better person. It has always been hard for me to open my mind to focus on me. This course has allowed me to realize that taking care of me is the most important thing I can do to continue to be a better nurse. I have been enlightened by so many great people and eye opening exercises to incorporate into my practice and my personal life. I have adopted tools to calm anxiety, soothe my soul, treat my headaches and do all of this in a holistic way. Thank goodness I have found this course.

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