Ethel Patino
Ethel P

Taking the Integrative Nurse Coaching™ certification course has opened my eyes and heart to a new paradigm in nursing and health care. I am excited to continue and grow the skills and knowledge that I have learned and practiced. It has not only changed me as a professional nurse but as a human being in this world. In how I interact with my family and friends and how I see the world. Truly a blessing to have been a part of Cohort 29 and the INCA family. I have evolved as a person and a nurse who takes the time to do my self care practices and not feel guilty about it. Knowing that self care is key in being a health care provider and as a person. I am more in tune with myself and thus I am able to be more compassionate and to listen with HEART to my clients, patients, family and friends. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made to take on this journey. If you are considering taking up this certification course, it is worth it. The knowledge and the expertise that you will gain from this is just rewarding. This program has been life changing for me as a nurse and as an individual. It has given me such hope to be able to touch peoples lives in a much more holistic and integrative approach. To see a person as a whole and not just fragments of their problems, health issues. Truly an amazing experience and so blessed to be a part of this community.

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