Diana S

I’m grateful for the coaching experience and for the amazing community I’m now a part of. I’m planning on starting my own practice where I can practice more presence, mindfulness and active listening. As I’m walking through my own health crisis, I’ve learned first hand how little a patient can feel heard, respected and understood. Empowering others to trust themselves and advocate for their own definition of wellness and healing is now my top priority. As a nurse, I’ve become more present and a better listener, actually hearing what my clients are saying, their concerns. I’m practicing holding a space of non-judgement, as I don’t truly know what’s right for other people, personally or professionally. I would recommend to anyone that is interested in becoming a nurse coach to think about the multiple options where they can effectively practice. I feel this program was helpful not only for professional growth but also personal growth and would certainly recommend it to other nurses! This program has allowed me to learn how to trust myself. I’m gaining back confidence in my nursing practice after being home with my kids for a few years. I almost left nursing all together because I was burned out and disheartened by our medical system. I was looking for a way that I could help others in a way that would feel natural for me. Coaching proved to be the right fit and I’m looking forward to working with and empowering others to make positive changes for themselves.

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