Annabeth Elliott
Annabeth E

I’m going to dive into coaching and try to make the world a healthier place! So even though this course was a lot of work, on top of a full time job, family, community involvement, etc I decided to do it for the love of it. I felt so connected when I journaled after each session – can you believe it? So I plan to plug away at this coaching career, for the love of it, and see where the Universe takes me! If you are serious about becoming a nurse coach it will increase your knowledge and skill tremendously.

The staff are leaders in the field of nurse coaching. They were always available and were supportive and helpful. This program has pushed me to do courageous things! Like coaching two groups of 5 women for 4 sessions each. Now the leap of faith continues as I move towards taking the exams and beginning to market a new coaching business! I am showing the world who I really am and what matters to me. It is scary and exhilarating. I appreciate the support you have provided me.

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