International Integrative Nursing Symposium: Creating Compassionate Healthcare Systems
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From April 5, 2017 to April 9, 2017

Pre-Conference Workshop April 5th, 2017
Integrative Nurse Coaching for Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing





  1. Define Integrative Nurse Coach and Integrative Nurse Coaching within an integrative healthcare model.
  2. Analyze the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-cultural-environmental dimensions of whole person health.
  3. Describe the Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching (TINC) and the Integrative Nurse Coach Leadership Model (INCLM) for lifestyle health and wellbeing.
  4. Examine the Integrative Nurse Coach (INC) role for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors for individuals and communities.
  5. Explore the Integrative Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing (ILHWB) model and its unique contribution to integrative nursing.
  6. Implement the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment TM (IHWA) in coaching sessions with a peer.



Description: Lifestyle health and wellbeing are part of the multidimensional energy matrix that moves along a wellness continuum. Central to wellbeing is the integration of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual-cultural-environmental approach for improving resiliency, function, and capacity for healing.


Healthcare is shifting from a disease‐oriented system to one proactively focused on wellness and health promotion. Chronic disease, stress-related illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles make health, healing, and wellbeing challenging to attain and maintain. Integrative Nurse Coaches are strategically positioned to skillfully partner with individuals, families, and communities to support coaching goals for sustainable behavioral change.

As nurses seek new directions and expand their professional role, Integrative Nurse Coaching is receiving wide recognition as members of an interprofessional collaborative team in a patient centric care model.

This workshop will focus on integrative nurse coaching tools and skills with an emphasis on food and nutrition, environment exposures, the impact of stress, and the genetic and epigenetic influences on health.

Nurse Coaching is now a recognized international certification through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC).

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  • 2017
  • Wednesday 05-09 April9:00 to 5:00