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Tell me more about the live sessions and course delivery.

Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program

The course is a mix of pre-recorded weekly lectures, discussion forum posts, peer coaching sessions (in foundations) to start practicing what you learned (you are paired with a nurse in the program and you schedule your peer coaching sessions online using the platform), and supervision meetings (in Foundations, these are every other week for 1.5 hours. In practicum, these are every 3 weeks for 2 hours).
The supervision groups are formed around 3-4 weeks before the program begins.  We send out a sign up form to all registrants with the times available.
For example, in a recent cohort, we had 5 small groups of 10.
Group A meets Mondays at 7PM EST
Group B meets Tuesdays at 8PM EST
Group C meets Tuesdays at 3PM EST
Group D meets Thursday at 9PM EST
Group E meets Wednesdays at 7PM EST
(While these won’t be the exact groups for your cohort, you can expect something similar!)
Groups meet 6 times every OTHER week in FOUNDATIONS for 1.5 hours
Groups meet 6 times every THREE weeks in PRACTICUM for 2 hours